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High-impact questions that can drive better decisions

Analytics used to be considered the domain of a few select teams buried deep in the business. Today, it lands on the agendas of almost all C-suite level individuals and success hinges on their ability to collaborate with one another. Our CMO Analytics profile focuses on the needs of one of these senior leaders—and how their role in data analytics intersects with others. To learn more, read our CMO profile.

With growth at the forefront of every business agenda, CMOs today find themselves under enormous pressure to do more with less. In this environment, the convergence of transactional data with third-party sources and social, mobile, and unstructured information offers many CMOs a seductive path to value and opportunity.

CMOs who try to apply advanced analytics to the full range of marketing decisions run the risk of falling short. With resources spread thinly across too many complex issues, they end up with more data than they know what to do with— and not nearly enough insight. The limited supply of analytics talent makes the situation even more challenging.

Effective CMOs keep their ultimate marketing goals front and center as they cherry-pick the crunchy questions—highly detailed business inquiries that pave the way for action—that will help solve their most pressing business issues. By focusing on decisions that are tightly linked to specific growth and performance objectives, they also engage other C-suite executives in a shared agenda. To learn more, read our CMO profile or read Adrian Borys’ blog on LinkedIn.

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