Future of energy insights

Considering the changing landscape of the oil, gas and chemicals industry, it is imperative for companies to develop innovative strategies and leverage technologies that will lead to a sustainable future. To help companies transition to a new energy future, we have developed a collection of insights that focus on key areas of the oil, gas and chemicals sector.

Addressing the challenge of decarbonization: An oil and gas perspective

The oil and gas sector is confronted with the biggest task in society—addressing climate change. What pathways can companies take, and how can they address the challenge to decarbonize in an economically viable manner?

Leveraging stakeholder trust for a sustainable future: An oil, gas and chemicals perspective

How can oil and gas companies improve their reputations, deal with stakeholder perceptions and demands, achieve greater socio-economic impact, and meet compliance requirements?

Chemicals 5.0 on the rise: Europe as a strategic blueprint for the world

Oil and gas companies are under mounting pressure to not only further develop their chemicals business, but to transform it to address new social, political and customer-driven requirements to achieve a more sustainable, future.



Crossing the chasm to convergence: Achieving a stronger petrochemical-minded business model

How can pure play refining companies confront the challenges of creating a stronger petrochemical-minded business model to overcome globalization, price volatility, and uncertain demand?

Success factors for a low-carbon future in the power sector

What are the potential paths forward for low-carbon energy options within the oil and gas, and what factors could accelerate their development and deployment and help lead us to a low-carbon future?



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