Tracking the trends 2023


Tracking the trends 2024

Navigating global challenges and opportunities in mining and metals

The top 10 trends facing the mining and metals sector

As we enter 2024, the mining and metals industry finds itself at the centre of a complex matrix of challenges, opportunities, expectations, and demands. It’s an opportune time for mining and metals companies to embrace emerging technology, drive operational efficiency, and navigate global uncertainty while further embedding sustainability and purpose into their business models to thrive in the face of disruption.

In this, the 16th edition of Tracking the trends, a team of professionals from around the world provides important insights, examples, and practical ideas to help mining and metals companies rise to the challenges that lie ahead—and to capitalize on new opportunities.

Tracking the trends 2024
The indispensable role of mining and metals

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Tracking the Trends 2023

In 2023, tracking the trends highlights 10 trends that show the indispensable value the mining and metals sector can deliver. For each of these trends, our global network of experienced mining and metals professionals offer their insights as well as concrete examples of how mining and metals organizations can not only gain a competitive advantage but make a positive difference in the world.

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Tracking the Trends 2022

What lies ahead for the mining industry in 2022? Explore the top 10 trends that will provide a toolkit to help mining companies to think through, and move towards, their vision of future success.

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Tracking the Trends 2021

2020 took the world by surprise as COVID-19 cut through most companies’ best laid plans, forcing leaders across the mining sector to refine their strategic objectives, recommit to their stakeholders, and reset their priorities. Tracking the trends 2021 looks beyond the pandemic and focusses on how the longer-term trends in the industry are impacted and what new trends are on the horizon.

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Tracking the Trends 2020

Over the past few years, the mining sector has made significant strides to steer through disruption and volatility. However, they continue to grapple with a host of external challenges—from an uncertain geopolitical landscape and technological disruption to increased demands from communities and investors. How can miners succeed and lead from the front?

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Tracking the Trends 2019

Disruption and volatility have become the new constant for the mining sector, which now grapples with issues like rising stakeholder demands, talent shortages, tarnished reputations, an evolving threat landscape, and dwindling access to key resources such as energy and water.

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Tracking the Trends 2018

Over the past decade, commodity prices reached both historic highs and historic lows, mining companies engaged in both significant acquisitions and consolidation, and operational realities shifted irrevocably in the face of a digital revolution.

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