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Delivering innovative, practical knowledge and experience to help companies in the fields of Industrial Products, Aerospace & Defense and Construction improve overall business performance. Global Industrial Products & Construction is part of the Global Energy, Resources & Industrials industry group.

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In a rapidly changing global economy, unprecedented challenges are being faced as the energy and resources industry undergoes dramatic change. Our Canadian oil and gas, utility, mining and water companies are not immune to these challenges. To name a few: record-high oil and gas prices; the direction of deregulation for electricity; the run-up in base metal prices; the safety of our water supply; environmental concerns; industry consolidation and managing the impact of the exchange rate. Our industry business leaders recognize the difficulties of remaining competitive and thriving in today’s market realities.

Deloitte can help you face these increasingly complex challenges. We provide Energy and resources companies with comprehensive and integrated solutions for audit, tax, financial advisory services, enterprise risk services, management and technology consulting. Our clients include the largest global and Canadian industry players, as well as emerging and mid-market companies.

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What's below the surface?

Mining companies compete in an industry without borders — their issues are both wide and deep. For those with global operations, an understanding of the culture and an ability to draw on local resources can make the difference between a smooth, satisfactory transaction and one that’s fraught with complications. To deal with commodity price and exchange rate fluctuations, mining companies need risk management skills and deep financial expertise. To address environmental and compliance issues, they must know how to manage sleeping dragons like inactive mines, and the intricacies of corporate reporting — not to mention new CEO/CFO certification requirements.

The Deloitte mining team provides audit, financial advisory, risk management, tax and consulting services to most major Canadian mining companies. Our network of industry specialists helps facilitate new investments and address the evolving challenges of running a national or global mining business. Whether your operations are in traditional mining centres like South Africa, Australia or South America — or in more far-flung locations like Kazakhstan or Angola, Deloitte has experts on the ground who understand the landscape and can help you come out on top.

Oil & gas

Make the most of today's growth

Deloitte’s oil and gas specialists assist companies in all sectors including liquified natural gas, large integrated oil companies, exploration and production and service companies. From mergers and acquisitions assistance to tax-planning strategies, Deloitte has the industry experience to help you.

Our services for the Oil & Gas sector include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions planning and integration
  • Energy trading and risk management
  • Operations and technology consulting
  • Business process standardization and optimization
  • Capital program management
  • Shareholder value analysis and portfolio optimization
  • Control assurance
  • Corporate finance
  • Dispute consulting
  • Forensic investigation
  • Financial management
  • Business insurance consulting 
  • Comprehensive tax planning

Power & utilities

Be prepared...for change

For Utilities, uncertainty is the new reality. Deregulation, unbundling, restructuring, consolidation, competition — not to mention environment, health and safety concerns — are forcing major shifts in the traditional utilities sector. Companies providing electricity, gas pipelines, or water and wastewater management can make the most of the unknown by executing their core strategy well. Dealing with changes in the marketplace can be managed by clearly identifying contingent strategies.

Whether their business is electricity, gas or water, utilities and private power and delivery companies need the skills and tools to respond to changing circumstances and manage uninterrupted, safe service at a fair price.  For stakeholders and the consuming public, that’s the bottom line.

At Deloitte, we have a unique understanding of the management of infrastructure assets, and of the regulatory developments that affect utilities and private power and delivery companies in each region of the country. We have helped clients define their growth strategies, improve the performance of their operations, and achieve economies of scale through amalgamation or shared services.  Our advisory services cover topics ranging from corporate strategy to emissions credit trading, and tax analysis, planning and compliance.