Canadian legal landscape 2017

Issues and trends facing Canadian in-house counsel and law firms

Deloitte recently set out to understand today’s legal landscape in Canada, and how in-house counsel and law firms are dealing with disruption. We asked survey participants how legal services are currently performed and how they see the industry adapting to the future.

A common theme emerged: the importance of client service excellence. Both in-house and external counsel told us they want to provide practical, business-friendly advice to their clients. At the same time, regulatory risk and “unknown unknowns” keep them up at night.

The results of our findings are in our new report, Canadian legal landscape 2017. In it, we examine four key issues and trends currently affecting legal professionals:

  • External spend: The increasing demand for alternative fee arrangements, analytics, and comparative benchmarks
  • Organizational structure: How legal departments and law firms are organizing themselves to meet demand, and the ensuing competition for skilled resources
  • Technology: A critical yet underused means to achieving best-in-class status
  • Consolidation: A continuing trend in the legal industry
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