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  • June 2020 May 2020
  • Canadian economy contracts annualized 8.1% in Q1, worse to come in Q2, but reopening signals recovery ahead
  • Not a she-cession, small business sentiment, and US data becoming less negative
  • A focus on the economic situation in Quebec
  • Credit losses will not jeopardize the financial system but will shape the recovery, global energy investment plunges
  • Governor Stephen Poloz highlights uncertainty and fight against deflation, look to Friday’s real GDP for Q1
  • How the pandemic could boost Canadian productivity, US consumer confidence, and Canadian bank results
  • Bricks and mortar retailers suffer, e-commerce soars, and retail recovery will be difficult
  • Global PMIs improve in May while CMHC anticipates a double-digit home price drop
  • Disinflation is not deflation, LEEFF, Minutes of Federal Reserve meeting
  • What explains the divergence of financial markets and the economy? What to look for this week
  • Eurozone contraction, US retail lockdown, Canadian housing starts and home prices resilient but risks to downside
  • Canadian banks weather the COVID storm, while the same cannot be said for manufacturing
  • Federal funds for infrastructure, US inflation drops during lockdown, Brushing up on the recovery alphabet as US economy nears trough
  • Government of Canada unveils new lending facility as extent of downturn becomes apparent
  • Canada loses 2 million jobs with more than 1/3 of Canadians experiencing labour disruption, America loses more than 20 million jobs in April
  • China exports surprise on upside, tomorrow’s job numbers will be terrible and we expect a slow economic recovery
  • Revised Deloitte economic forecasts with industry projections, WHO calls for gradual reopening, US-EU-India developments
  • International trade falls as lockdown starts, US services industries in decline
  • Look ahead to Friday’s employment numbers, G20 health aid, the ECB, challenges Governor Macklem will face
  • Tiff Macklem next Governor of Bank of Canada, manufacturing contracts deeply in April, threat of protectionism, provincial reopening news
  • April 2020
  • The budgetary impact of federal stimulus, the Canadian economy stalled before lockdown, international developments
  • Surveys provide key insights into Canadian business strains and sentiment, US economy contracts
  • Quebec industry reopening, France and Spain reopening, and trade financing drying up
  • The week ahead, wage subsidy launch, Ontario and Quebec’s reopening, international experience points to weak recovery
  • Rent relief for small and medium enterprises
  • Global PMIs, Fallout on Rents, National Medical Research Strategy, Saskatchewan’s Reopening Plan, Pandemic Psychology
  • Crude collapse worsens, threatening a key Canadian industry
  • If I give you $37, will you take a barrel of my oil in May? Real estate to be buffeted by conflicting trends
  • China’s Q1 contraction, Canadian SMEs still at risk, more remote work, more fiscal measures
  • Federal government increases eligibility for loans and launches rent relief program; register for economic webinar on China
  • Sit down before reading latest GDP estimates, Bank of Canada steps up its bond buying
  • The Great Lockdown recession, eager for tomorrow’s releases
  • OPEC+ cuts but markets remain skeptical, politics versus health risks in America
  • Hope? More on wage subsidies; real estate decline
  • COVID job crash, Federal Reserve becomes banker to all of America
  • Greater access to wage subsidy, supply chain transformation and protectionism risks, brace for job report Thursday
  • Bearish business sentiment, waiting on OPEC, where to monitor changes to the outlook
  • US border issue, global downturn, oil shock, oh my!
  • A focus on the economic situation in Quebec
  • Wage subsidies to cost $71 billion, signs of contraction mount

  • March 2020 February 2020

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