Deloitte grocery insight series: Get the most value for your business

In times of economic uncertainty, although investors expect the grocery sector to deliver strong, steady value, grocers are relying on thin margins. And they are under constant pressure from all sides. Increased competition. Growing complexity. To thrive, grocers now need to drive value in all areas of their business. In this series, published in Grocery Business, we take a holistic approach to issues facing grocers in this intensely competitive sector and offer ways they can maximize value today and for the future.

The key to successful business succession? Start planning early

When it comes to effective succession planning, an early start can be the key to success. If you are planning to sell or otherwise transition ownership of your business, now is a great time to begin. To learn where to start and how, read our article.

Sustainable cost reduction: An achievable goal

Grocers’ financial performance is under pressure from all sides. This high-pressure reality is driving grocers to find new ways to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and drive performance. Discover three basic principles of an efficient cost-cutting program.

Business owners looking to sell face big tax hit with ECP rule changes

Canada's private business owners, especially those looking to sell, face an upcoming tax hike. With rates on eligible capital property set to nearly double just months from now, what can you do to avoid the hit? To find out, read our article.

Time's up for joint business planning

Joint business planning's diminishing returns have reached a point where it's providing little - if any - incremental benefit to grocery retailers, and vendors. Change is needed, and fast.

Grocery retailers

The Deloitte Omnichannel Index 2016 suggests grocery lags other retail categories on omnichannel. Yet grocers can seize a big opportunity to differentiate themselves in a tough market through shrewd omnichannel investments. Read more to understand the opportunities that await.

M&A activity in 2017

Four key trends are poised to continue to drive merger and acquisition activity across the North American food and beverage sector in 2017. Discover these trends that can help you and your management team chart a path forward in the year ahead.

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