Driving higher sales without generating more volume

The secret to effective trade management

Executives at consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) in Canada face increasing industry challenges that threaten profitable growth. They are operating in a competitive and low growth environment where the retailer landscape continues to evolve and consumers are conditioned to purchase products at heavily discounted prices. Ultimately, the manufacturer is left operating in a sector that results in margin compression at the expense of brand equity.

To remain competitive, CPG companies are focusing on rebuilding and optimizing trade spend (discounts provided to retailers, wholesalers, and operators) to deliver higher levels of profitable revenue. To accomplish this, trade spending must be transformed, optimized, and augmented. Increasing focus on ROI, policy, analytics, and accountability is just as important as ever in gaining insights and driving higher sales without increasing volume or sacrificing margin.

In this report, we explore a range of pain-points that CPG companies are currently facing as well as how upskilling trade management and leveraging leading capabilities / technologies can enable an enterprise-wide approach to profitable sales growth.

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