Property and Casualty Insurance: Reimagined 2025

Are you ready for the storm?

Canada’s Property and Casualty sector will embark on the greatest transformation journey in its history within the next ten years. A perfect storm of evolving consumer behaviors, intensifying competition, disruptive technological revolution and ever-changing climate is underway, which will shake the foundations of existing business models and practices in place in P&C. 

Read our report to better understand the implications for the Canadian P&C companies over the next ten years and rethink how to secure competitive advantage and sustainable advantage. 

Recently, Communitech hosted an event called "Insurance Disrupted" that brought the start-up community and executives from major insurance companies.

The room was buzzing with thought leaders, innovators and insurance executives discussing the changing industry, what is keeping insurance leaders up at night, and where they need help from start-ups to innovate.

Panel moderator and insurance Senior Manager Monitor Deloitte, Mukul Ahuja, held discussions about the shifting landscape of the Canadian insurance market, regulations and whether they get in the way of innovation for insurers in Canada, for example; the impact of driver-less cars, big data and the sharing economy.

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