Serve them before you lose them

Canadian insurance customers expect more from their insurers online

Deloitte research shows that insurance customers want better online services – and are poised to change providers to get them.

Despite accelerating technology developments and cultural behaviour shifts, Canadian insurance companies continue to lag in the online space. Insurers are failing to meet the needs of customers, especially under-40-post-secondary educated buyers segment.

A recent Deloitte survey of 768 insurance customers in Quebec and Ontario outlined in the report Serve them before you lose them: Canadian insurance customers expect more from their insurers online highlights that organizations that actively leverage technology to build online platforms and services can retain and attract customers in order to gain a distinct competitive edge.

The report helps answer the following questions:

  • What are critical online insurance services that insurers need to provide?
  • Where does the gap lie between customer needs and the current services offered?
  • What are the risks of not working to close that gap?

Learn more about how Canadian insurers can attract and retain these high-value insurance customers. Download the report today.

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