2017 Human Capital Trends

A new future for Canadian organizations

Technological advances are driving profound change in our workforces, workplaces, and even work itself. The rules of work are changing. Nearly every organizational people practice is being impacted—and our latest research suggests Canadian organizations don't feel ready.

Canadian organizations face a world of accelerating technological advances that are driving profound shifts in the workforce, the workplace, and the very nature of work. Organizational people practices, from learning to leadership to performance management, are being reinvented as a result of technology. The rules of work are changing—and the results of our 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey suggest that Canadian organizations don’t feel ready.

Our 2017 survey, our largest and most extensive study to date, draws on input from more than 10,000 business and HR leaders across 140 countries, including over 300 from Canada.

Technology trends: a top priority for more Canadian organizations in the future
Building the organization of the future, delivering an engaging employee experience, and developing the leaders needed for the future continue to be among Canadian business and HR leaders’ top areas of importance. But new priorities are emerging as an increasing number of organizations cite digital HR, augmented workforce, and robotics, cognitive computing and AI as a top priority in the future.

Work to be done as Canadian organizations get ready for technological change and new ways of working
As Canadian organizations balance their current priorities with their future demands, they will need to continually respond to an evolving world of work. To that end, they will need to focus on increasing their overall organizational readiness to support their transformation through an intense period of disruption and evolution.

The time to take action is now
Canadian leaders plant to shift focus and make technology-focused trends a greater priority for the future—however many do not yet feel ready for the task ahead. This is not just a call to action for HR, but rather for all executives to take the lead in enabling their organizations to rise to the challenge and avoid being left behind on the world stage. It’s vitally important to take action—because the future of everything has already begun.

2017 Human Capital Trends

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