Courage required

Apply here to build the Canadian social enterprise

Deloitte’s new report provides a Canadian context to the four areas driving and supporting the rise of the social enterprise, as introduced in the 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report.

Courage required: Apply here to build the Canadian social enterprise is a Canadian lens on the 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, based on input from over 300 Canadian business and HR leaders. This year’s report highlights a seismic shift in the business landscape: the rise of the social enterprise.

Organizations today are no longer judged solely on the basis of their ROI, growth, or other traditional metrics, but on their relationships with their workers, their customers and their communities as well as their impact on the environment and society at large—transforming them into social enterprises.

The global report outlines 10 human capital trends, which, when viewed together, create an integrated view of the social enterprise and provide insight into how an organization can become one. When taken holistically, these trends point towards four areas that enable and drive the rise of the social enterprise:

  • The symphonic C-suite:
    Unprecedented levels of c-suite cross-functional connectivity and collaboration will be required
  • The power of the individual:
    Organizations will need to listen and respond to individual needs
  • Social impact:
    Businesses are being expected to fill a widening leadership vacuum in relation to societal concerns
  • Leveraging technology:
    Technological change presents both opportunities and impacts to be mitigated

Canada is uniquely positioned to foster the growth of social enterprises, through which every Canadian can benefit, but in order to take advantage of this privileged position, leaders must have the courage to make the necessary changes.

Download the Canadian report to learn more about the Canadian position as it relates to the rise of the social enterprise.

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