Managerial and organizational design services

Empowering people to work toward a common goal can lead to exceptional results. Deloitte can help you build a strategic organization model designed to achieve efficiencies and align with long-term goals.

Managerial design

Most organizations understand the exceptional results they can achieve by empowering their people to work together toward a common goal. Too often, however, the end result falls short of the vision. In businesses of virtually every size, silos form. Politics get in the way of priorities. Team communication breaks down. And leaders are left struggling to determine how to bring people together to ensure the organization can attain the desired outcomes. To harness the full potential of your organization, you should consider:

  • Does our management team know how to think strategically, delegate effectively and inspire people to perform?
  • Do our employees understand how their actions contribute to specific organizational results?
  • Do we have a process for linking performance assessment to business strategy?
  • How quickly can our teams mobilize to manage major cross-functional initiatives?

While there are no magic bullets, there are proven processes for enhancing your business performance. Working directly with your management teams and practitioners, we organize, facilitate and design core processes in four key areas:

  • Strategic clarification. Create management teams that take ownership, achieve consensus and commit to implementation of common strategic objectives.
  • Strategy deployment. Link your strategies to your operational objectives to build a high-performance culture and achieve results.
  • Managing for results. Monitor, measure and reward performance based on clearly documented strategic priorities and performance objectives.
  • Performance improvement. Position your organization to respond to rapidly changing business realities.

Organizational design

Organizations are not static: they grow and evolve over time. Significant business events, such as acquisitions, a new product focus, a changed regulatory environment or enterprise-wide cost reduction, can all drive a need for a new look at the organization.

However, when it comes to designing an effective organizational model that enables good corporate strategy, companies frequently fall victim to what we call “boxology.” Instead of clearly defining the capabilities, structure, accountabilities and interactions required to deliver value for customers or shareholders, they settle for simply redrawing the “boxes and wires.”

Effective organization design involves more than lines and boxes on a page. Every organization has different needs, and the right design must balance everything from leadership and corporate culture to core capabilities and work group dynamics. Key factors to consider:

  • Does the way our organization is designed allow for the achievement of our strategic objectives? How can we organize ourselves to better serve our customers?
  • How can we achieve enterprise-wide cost reductions while also promoting our core capabilities?
  • Are we using shared services, off-shoring, or outsourcing optimally?
  • Are decision-making accountabilities in the right place and well-defined to support the mission?
  • Do we have the right talent with the right skills appointed to key positions?

At Deloitte, our organization designs are based on a deep understanding of a company’s business objectives, as well as the internal and external factors that drive performance and success. Our organization design services include:

  • Organization design, job design and workforce transition
  • Efficiency assessment, workforce sizing and planning
  • Decision rights
  • Shared vision and goal alignment.
  • Globalizing work