Tracking the trends 2015

Keep calm and carry on

The 2015 edition of Tracking the trends takes a look at the issues that miners will face in the coming year and outlines a wealth of potential responses proposed from Deloitte member firm’s mining professionals.

How can your mining company remain viable into the future? How can you respond to increasing regulatory and compliance requirements while adapting to changing market conditions? Our 2015 edition of Tracking the trends examines the most pressing issues mining companies will face in the coming year.

There’s no doubt miners face increasing challenges in terms of regulations and compliance, as well as responding to ongoing price volatility, geopolitical turmoil, rising costs, declining grades and a general lack of financing.  We believe future viability will depend upon mining companies’ ability to balance short-term investor expectations with long-term business imperatives.

Tracking the trends 2015 highlights what needs to be done with a wealth of potential responses proposed from Deloitte member firm’s mining professionals, including:

  • Back to basics — The pursuit of operational excellence.
  • Innovation is the new key to survival — It’s about more than cost control.
  • The new energy paradigm — Reducing power project costs.
  • Dwindling project pipelines — Walking the supply/demand tightrope.
  • Financing’s great disappearing act — The implications reverberate across the market.
  • Survival of the juniors — Navigating troubled waters.
  • Seeking new skillsets — Shifting industry realities for a new generation of talent.
  • Riding the waves of geopolitical uncertainty — From best guess planning to embracing uncertainty.
  • Rising stakes around stakeholder engagement — Companies struggle to balance competing interests.
  • Engaging with government — Finding new ways to communicate and collaborate.

We invite you to dig through these issues as a part of a frank discussion about the industry’s strengths and weaknesses.

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