Life sciences in Alberta: State of the industry 2015

Learn about the productivity of life sciences in Alberta

This biennial report provides a current snapshot of the industry and offers directional support for business leaders and government agencies.

Alberta’s life sciences industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Deloitte’s fourth biennial report, Life sciences in Alberta: State of the industry 2015 reviews the outlook for the current status of trends related to the industry’s nature, health, productivity and economic contribution. Some of the key findings in this report include:

  1. The industry generates over $1 billion in revenues.
  2. The industry employs over 4,600 people, the vast majority of whom have at least one post-secondary degree.
  3. The industry is highly innovative, investing a significant amount in research & development across a variety of sub-sectors.
  4. The industry increases the diversity of Alberta’s economy.
  5. A significant challenge exists in raising capital for early-stage companies

In the spring of 2015, BioAlberta and Deloitte LLP (Deloitte) surveyed leaders of life sciences companies located in Alberta. Those surveyed represent businesses from small start-ups to large public companies, and include research and development companies, manufacturers, service companies, consultants and distributors of life sciences products.

The future for Alberta’s life sciences industry
Alberta’s life sciences industry continues to develop with major growth, diversification, employment and is an innovation engine for the province of Alberta. The industry continues to demonstrate strong performance and continued positive momentum.

Download the report to find out what Alberta’s life sciences industry is doing right; share it with your colleagues and use it as a tool to start conversations about thriving in a highly competitive environment.

*Please note that this report is only available in English as it is meant for Alberta use only.

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