Deloitte Real Estate Industry Sectors

Real estate companies and REITs

You know how challenging it is to create and deliver value for clients, shareholders, and employees in an ever-changing market. Deloitte professionals seasoned in real estate property companies and investment trusts (REITs) can help your organization continually evolve and adapt to new client expectations and market shifts. Our experienced specialists support you with deep knowledge and insight into the real estate capital markets. We offer a broad range of services, including pre-conversion tax structuring, capital market strategies and initial public offering readiness.

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Real estate funds and investors

In today’s complex environment, many established real estate funds struggle to provide superior risk-adjusted returns their investors have come to expect, while newly formed funds have trouble raising capital to get their products off the ground. On the other hand, those dedicated to investing in distressed and debt securities are enjoying a robust pipeline of opportunities.

Deloitte real estate specialists can help your organization navigate through a range of issues at every stage of the fund investment cycle and sort through complexity to capture value. We offer a comprehensive range of offerings, including feasibility studies, tax planning, finance transformation, and IT systems strategy and implementation.

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Engineering and construction

In the engineering and construction industry, Deloitte stands apart. We provide compliance, construction cost management, and consulting services based on deep real estate industry knowledge and insights. Our seasoned teams of specialists have significant experience with complex tax structures, financing alternatives, building joint venture arrangements, limited partnership structuring, interest rate hedging alternatives, audit, business acquisition and divestitures, property valuations and local tax issues.

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Homebuilders, developers and land owners

Deloitte has nearly a century of experience working with construction companies, design firms and project owners worldwide. Whether you need help with strategy, funding, construction, or commissioning, we can help you navigate any stage of the lifecycle. We have helped a variety of businesses scale for the dramatic economic downturn while positioning them for future recovery. We continually monitor the pulse of the homebuilding and development industries as well as the real estate industry.

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Real estate management, brokerage and service providers

As a real estate service provider, your company must continually evolve and adapt to new client expectations and changes in the overall market. Deloitte real estate specialists can support your organization with expert knowledge and insight into all areas of the real estate markets. We offer a broad range of services, including financial statements and internal control audits, accounting and reporting advisory, international, national, state and local taxation, audit, technology and consulting and many others.

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Corporate occupiers and tenants

Whatever the business, property is almost certainly one of the largest overheads, typically the second or third largest cost, after people and IT. Managed well, a real estate portfolio can represent a substantial operational and financial asset, critical to the effective delivery of your core business. Managed inefficiently, it rapidly becomes a liability – a major revenue cost, a voracious consumer of capital investment and an illiquid asset that potentially constrains an organization’s ability to respond to fast-changing core business needs. We offer a broad range of services, including: assisting clients design a practical property-based solution that delivers business priorities, workplace and accommodation strategies, retail and omnichannel strategies, supply chain and site selection, acquisitions and disposals of occupational property, and real estate transformation and location strategy.

At Deloitte, we advise private companies, large corporate and public sector occupiers on the transformation of their real estate to support lasting improved business performance. Managed well, an occupier’s property can be a source of competitive advantage by providing an effective and efficient platform for its business operations. Conversely, managed poorly, it can become an inflexible drain on scarce revenue and capital and inhibit business operations.

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