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Behind every functioning society is a woman in cyber

We are the women in cyber. The few protecting the many. The half of the world, who see the problems differently, who solve them uniquely. We are the women in cyber safeguarding society. Protecting us all. We need more like us. We need more like you.

Meet the women of the Women in Cyber campaign

The following 14 women are representative of the professionals who make up the cyber practices across our network of firms. We appreciate their willingness to take part in this campaign and share their stories.

We need more like us. We need more like you. Join us.

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Letter from Beth Dewitt, Global Women in Cyber Leader

Welcome to the Women in Cyber page of Deloitte

Across our member firm network and within our Cyber practices, we have chapters of women in cyber dedicated to the support and advocacy of the small group of professionals who overinfluence society. From professional development to webinars and training, recruitment, and building community with others outside our organization, Women in Cyber is a community to encourage, promote and share knowledge, accomplishments and solve challenges.

There's strength and power in knowing you are a part of a community of women with similar objectives and goals, and equally there is a strength and power in a shared identity as cyber professionals, especially when what brings you to cyber are your own interests, lived experiences and voice. This diversity creates a better society.

Deloitte’s global women in cyber population is about the same as that global average. The cyber talent gap is real and a challenge for organizations globally and it’s not just lacking in gender diversity - there are not enough qualified individuals to fill millions of open positions globally. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that women will hold 25 percent of cybersecurity jobs globally by the end of 2021 and according to the a (ISC)2 study the global cyber workforce would need to grow more than 145 percent to meet the jobs demand.

We have to expand the vernacular used today around careers so that when asked, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ the answers include roles like ethical hacker, data privacy professional and cyber strategist. We need to break down the common misconceptions about the type of work that exists for cyber professionals and the type of experience you should have to do that work.

Our new global campaign is meant to debunk the myths around the roles in cyber and the professionals who do them. It is to give visibility and a representative voice to the women who see things differently, contribute significantly, and are creating an impact that matters at Deloitte, for our clients, and our communities.

So, explore our page, ask questions, make connections, and apply for a job!

We need more like us. We need more like you.

Join us.

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