Toward true organizational resilience

Deloitte's Global Resilience Report

Senior executives recognize the need for more proactive, forward-looking, and strategic approaches to resilience, but they are struggling to develop and operationalize them in their organizations. That is the overarching finding of Deloitte's 2022 worldwide, cross-industry survey of almost 700 executives, directors and senior leaders with accountability or responsibility for resilience or crisis management within their organization.

The survey findings chart a path toward organizational resilience developed and maintained through more integrated approaches to achieve this strategic objective. These approaches engage every function, consider geopolitical risks, work effectively with regulators, leverage digital capabilities, and position the organization to thrive not only despite business conditions but because of them.

Organizational resilience encompasses resilience along five capitals—human, social, built, financial, and natural — that comprise the ecosystem in which organizations operate.*

The five capitals of organizational resilience are:

  1. People resilience
  2. Reputational resilience
  3. Operational resilience
  4. Financial resilience
  5. Environmental resilience

A deficiency in any single one of the five capitals can put the organization in jeopardy and even bring it down. While the emphasis on a given capital will differ across industries and companies, superior capabilities in one domain will not make up for deficiencies in another. Therefore, each organization needs an individualized way of addressing and balancing investments in each domain.

Read the full report via our Global site for more insights that will help your organization become more resilient.

*Resilience Reimagined: A practical guide for organizations, 2021 Deloitte LLP and Cranfield University.

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