A journey begins: Canadian consumers on the path to net-zero

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important value for consumers. It’s influencing them to re-evaluate their purchasing behaviours and their loyalty to brands.

To understand how Canadians perceive their path to net-zero emissions, we explored several questions, including:

How do Canadians factor sustainability into their buying decisions?
What role does brand and product offering play in consumers’ behaviour concerning sustainability?

Using a combination of social listening (an aggregate collection and analysis of social media content) and human-centred design research to obtain the raw data (via one-on-one, in-depth conversations with Canadians), our analysis identified four key consumer mindsets, based on people’s ability and motivation to make sustainable choices.

In an ideal world, every consumer would have a climate-active mindset: they’d view sustainability as both important and easy enough to act on. Our research, however, shows that the majority fall into the under-powered group—those who believe sustainability is important but hard to act on. Encouraging more consumers to become climate-active hinges on one important thing: choice. Our research shows customers are strongly motivated to do good. But they need support and occasions to do so—and that creates an opportunity for brands to innovate sustainable solutions that help their customers achieve their objectives.

A journey begins: Canadian consumers on the path to net-zero

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