Industry insights on the net-zero journey

This collection explores the challenges and opportunities of decarbonization and action on climate change specific to industries.


Energy resources

The consequences of climate change within the E&R industry are complex and challenging. Yet responsible climate action and the goals of E&R companies are not mutually exclusive. This paper explores transformation opportunities and ways to jumpstart E&R decarbonization programmes.

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Financial services

Climate change is impacting all sectors within the financial services industry (FSI). As a multi-dimensional challenge, it affects an organization’s day-to-day operations as well as its financing activities. As FSI executives ponder the implications of climate change upon their loan books, investments, risk profiles, and business models, it is ineffective to set long-range, net-zero targets without identifying interim steps for attaining them.

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Consumer business

The consumer business sector is highly attuned to the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. While consumer pressure has propelled many to grasp the urgency with which to act, there are gaps the industry can close in the race to net-zero. This paper offers some practical suggestions for getting started.

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Henry Stoch

Canada Climate & Sustainability Leader


Jürgen Beier

National Leader, Energy & Resources


Jennifer Lee

Managing Partner, IVPs


Sean Delsnider

Centre for Climate Action Lead