Making Deloitte’s alliances pay off

How experience and execution build client satisfaction

Deloitte alliances offer key business and strategic value for clients and partners.

Comprehensive alliance program
Deloitte’s alliance program is designed around increasing client value and driving joint revenue. Opportunities are abundant for alliance members to invest in joint solutions, go-to-market activities and strategic account planning.

While many companies perform well in some of these areas, we’ve been told that we excel across the board. As noted by one alliance member, it’s the comprehensive nature of Deloitte’s approach and offering that ultimately brings more value to the client and helps our alliances succeed.

At Deloitte, we measure success by the value our clients gain from our services and the value we help our clients create. And with success comes recognition.

Joint offerings bring exceptional value
One of the most prized ingredients of our alliances is the ability to develop and deliver joint offerings that capitalize on Deloitte’s experience, knowledge and skills as well as our intellectual property in specific application areas. When this is combined with related hardware or software functionality from alliance members, it makes a powerful capability that can be developed into a joint offering and brought to market. This approach has allowed us to bring significantly greater value to clients than either Deloitte or its alliance members could do alone.

People focused on helping clients succeed
A common theme echoed by alliance members is that Deloitte people clearly put the client’s needs first, making client success the top priority for all interactions. While many organizations pay lip service to client success, Deloitte’s people bring a professional work ethic, friendly enthusiasm and important skills that enable them to follow through on this objective.

Perhaps most importantly, Deloitte’s people are viewed as truly understanding the needs of the client and of alliance members. This understanding is coupled with an eagerness to resolve issues when they arise—a combination that breeds success.

Learn more
To learn more about Deloitte alliances and how we bring increased value to clients, contact one of the following Deloitte team members:

Ian Tait
Partner, Canadian alliance program
Deloitte Inc.

John Sweeny
Director, Canadian alliance program
Deloitte Inc.

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