TMT Predictions 2018

The future is here

We live in a time of relentless change yet also stubborn continuity.

The technology, media, and telecommunications sectors remain as fascinating as ever. Many milestones will be reached in 2018, we expect. Progress will be exponential in some fields. But in other areas, the way in which we live and work may shift imperceptibly.

We predict machine learning will intensify in 2018 among large and medium-sized enterprises, with double the number of implementations and pilot projects using machine-learning technology compared to 2017. We also look at the trends toward wireless home internet in Canada and consistent ad-blocking in both traditional and digital channels—with young adults being the most “adlergic.”

For more information on the biggest innovations and trends expected to affect businesses across all industries in the next 12 months to five years, read our press release or download the global report.

In 2018, making the right decisions on TMT issues will be the key differentiators for many businesses across Canadian industries.

Be prepared. Read TMT Predictions 2018.

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