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Defining tomorrow’s digital business

From strategy to delivery, Deloitte Digital combines cutting-edge creative with trusted business and technology to build tomorrow’s digital business.

The building blocks of digital

Creating a digital culture starts at the DNA level. We’ve identified 23 digital traits that are shared with the world’s most innovative, digital organizations. Adopting these DNA traits into your existing brand DNA creates a foundation that enables you to innovate, iterate and scale your success.

  • Democratizing information
  • Real time and on-demand
  • Ongoing shifts in decision rights & power
  • Flattening & changing hierarchy
  • Fail early, fail fast, learn
  • Continuously innovating
  • Fluidity
  • Agility
  • Continuous ecosystem disruption
  • Iterative
  • Uneven velocity between digital & legacy
  • Multi-modal operations
  • Changing nature & typology of work
  • Dynamic skill requirements
  • Morphing team structures
  • Changing mix of stakeholders
  • Increased customer involvement
  • Intentionally collaborative
  • Productive mobility
  • Geography agnostic
  • Constantly changing decision criteria
  • Constant disruption
  • Modulating risk & security boundaries

The digital spectrum: how digital are you?

Exploring digital
Leverage traditional technologies to automate existing capabilities. Dabbling with digital. No change to the organization.

Doing digital
Leverage digital technologies to extend capabilities, but still largely focused around same business, operating and customer models.

Becoming digital
Leverage digital technologies – becoming more synchronized and less siloed – with more advanced changes to current business, operating and customer models.

Being digital
Business, operating and customer models are optimized for digital and profoundly different from prior models.

Your organization, but better.

Infusing Digital DNA into your organization’s brand DNA can transform all aspects of the business from the inside out.

Policies Governance, Leadership Rewards, Geography Performance Management, Physical Space Capabilities, Technology Talent, Process Structure

From strategy to delivery, Deloitte Digital combines cutting-edge creative with trusted business and technology to define and deliver tomorrow’s digital business. We help you balance the allure of emerging technologies with the realities of your business. From B2B, B2C, or B2E, we deliver strategy, mobile, social, web, digital content, and digital ERP solutions that will help strengthen your brand and evolve your business.

Strategically located in cities that attract an eclectic mix of creatives, digital visionaries, and technology experts, our global studio network supports our traditional cross-functional and cross-industry knowledge to deliver world-class, innovative digital solutions.

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