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How we can help you reimagine everything, get the most out of your SAP® investments, and position your business for future digital demands

Your choice is an important one when it comes to SAP® solution providers who can help you get the most from your SAP investments—to help position your business for the evolving digital economy. And while the alliance between Deloitte and SAP has a long history and is widely recognized for excellence, there are many more reasons to choose to work with us. So why Deloitte? There are several compelling reasons for choosing Deloitte to help you get the most out of your SAP investment—and to begin the critical digital transformation your organization will require to meet tomorrow’s business needs.

Now is the time for action

Wait and you can miss opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Take incremental steps that can become a path to sustained transformation. In today's digital era, the windows of opportunity will be much smaller and often difficult to spot, with fewer big ‘make or break’ moments. How can you achieve results? Start with a roadmap that includes frequent milestones, embedding digital execution into all business functions and markets, and embedding flexibility into operating models. Flexible business models create opportunities to serve customers better and adjust to ever-shifting market conditions.
SAP's modern platforms and architectures can be foundational for many organizations' ability to reimagine everything. Begin your journey by defining the needs and the expectations of your future customers. The choice for defining the pace of change and innovation is yours, but it can be challenging to decide where and how to begin.

Transform your ERP into a clean ERP

Years of customizing and incrementally enhancing the existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools often results in an architecture that is burdened with technical debt. Evidence of technical debt can be found in areas such as reports that are compiled but no longer used, transactions that are optimized for outdated business models, and infrastructure that is always scaled for performance exceptions that nobody recalls. Deloitte can help you design strategic operating models and create a clean ERP footprint. Contemporary solutions and architectures present opportunities to establish a reliable, efficient, and scalable core, with choices for if, how and where to innovate via the cloud. For example, a clean ERP program can allow you to innovate as needed and then shed those innovations if they are no longer adding value.

Innovate on any core

Today, you don't have to wait years to realize the value of IT investments. Cloud-enabled capabilities can help you innovate on any core, yielding results sooner. You can achieve returns on your existing SAP® ECC even as you undertake a longer transformation journey with SAP S/4HANA®. For example, a Deloitte Reimagine Platform "Lights Out Finance" solution is designed to extend SAP ECC finance capabilities using SAP Leonardo machine learning capabilities to make the goods receipt/invoice receipt clearing more accurate, less manual, and faster. It's a solution that is available today and fully portable to SAP S/4HANA.

Move strategically from core to edge

Many organizations today innovate from the edge to the core. This approach can create ‘islands’ of apps and data that are difficult to harmonize with the core. Innovating from the edge can lead to redundancy, complexity, more work, costs, and risks. What if your architecture pursued a design with consistent data and uniform processes? Deloitte can help you reimagine innovation from the core to the edge. We can help you find ways for edge apps to use core data in its native form so you can avoid replicating technology components unnecessarily. The goal: simplified IT, lower costs, and accelerated innovation. Using SAP's modern platforms, Deloitte can help you make it possible.

Grow with cloud

Cloud architectures are becoming foundational to applications and infrastructure offerings. SAP's cloud-centric SAP Intelligent Suite—including SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP C/4HANA, SAP® Ariba®, and SAP® SuccessFactors® offerings—deliver solutions while supporting innovation. Organizations face tough decisions on how to prioritize cloud investments, based on expected value. Deloitte has extensive experience implementing cloud solutions, giving our team critical insights for guiding clients through the nuances of moving confidently to the cloud. Our experience with SAP cloud platform helps us deliver agility for our clients while they position themselves for future needs. Whether it's purchasing licenses through Deloitte's certified SAP alliance, or leveraging Deloitte's cloud hosting experience, we work with clients to make solutions seamless.

Go deep with SAP S/4HANA and analytics

Deloitte's deep understanding of SAP S/4HANA in analytics is rooted in our co-innovation with SAP. We help clients achieve results based on clear business objectives, efficient architecture strategies, harmonized data models, and intuitive delivery channels. Our clients are then able to make better sense of big data, develop predictive analytics, and unlock strategic insights.

Build digital experiences for tomorrow

The user experience matters more than ever as the expectations of customers, third parties, employees, and other stakeholders continue to grow. At Deloitte, we combine deep know-how with digital resources—such as SAP® Customer Experience solutions, OpenText, and SAP Ariba—with an agency approach that can help extend the usability of solutions. The objective? Meaningful digital experiences that can strengthen relationships, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

Move fast with SAP solutions that are preconfigured and ready-to-deploy

To help you accelerate your transformation, Deloitte has future-facing offerings at the ready—targeted SAP solutions that can help you generate results quickly. More than 50 preconfigured SAP-based solutions from Deloitte target a range of industry and issue-specific challenges. Industry solutions for consumer, energy and natural resources, industrial products, government, health care & life sciences, and high tech & media, combined with finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer solutions, are ready to deploy now. Our SAP S/4HANA-based preconfigured solutions and accelerators are tailorable to the unique needs of individual clients. Our ready-to-deploy solutions also include Deloitte Reimagine Platform solutions that use the SAP Leonardo platform—to help you build a bridge between operating and innovating.

Kinetic Enterprise
Put the Kinetic Enterprise™ in motion

Is your organization built to last … or built to evolve?

For many organizations, yesterday’s approach to business is failing. Static business models, operating models, and processes simply cannot keep pace with relentless market disruption, new digital technologies, data growth, business innovation, and rising customer expectations. The concept of a ‘business built to last’ simply doesn’t cut it in today’s dynamic environment.

To meet tomorrow’s challenges, you’re going to need an enterprise that can survive, adapt, and thrive—using the latest technologies-such as SAP® solutions and cloud computing. It’s time to reimagine your entire enterprise and activate a new type of organization—one that is built to evolve, no matter what the future throws at you. It’s time for the Kinetic Enterprise.

Explore Deloitte’s Global Kinetic Enterprise to discover what tomorrow’s enterprise looks like and how Deloitte can help you put the Kinetic Enterprise in motion with SAP solutions.

The Kinetic Enterprise™: Built to evolve

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Hear insights and ideas that can help you reimagine everything, transform your business with SAP® solutions, and address disruption head on.

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Reimagine everything

Accelerate digital enterprise transformation, get the most out of your SAP ® investments, and position your business for the future.

Key questions for any partner

  •   How can you help us reimagine and grow our business? Do you have the depth to help us beyond implementation?
  •   Do you have the depth to help us beyond implementation?
  •   How well do you know our industry?
  •   Will your team include senior leadership?
  •   Do you have real global reach?
  •   How can you help us reimagine everything and get ahead of tomorrow's disruption?

Case studies
Case studies: SAP technologies, enabled Digital transformation success stories in action

Reimagine outcomes, impact, and everything

The SAP suite of solutions—including the SAP S/4HANA® digital core ERP, powered by the SAP HANA® in-memory database—will be at the heart of many digital enterprise transformation strategies. How can you effectively leverage solutions such as SAP S/4HANA—as well as SAP® Ariba®, SAP® SuccessFactors®,and SAP Customer Experience cloud offerings, including SAP® C/4HANA—to activate an enterprise that is built to evolve?

Reimagine the possibilities by learning what other enterprise leaders have accomplished. Read their success stories here—Gain insights that can help you reimagine everything and start building a more Kinetic Enterprise™ capable of evolving at the pace of disruption.

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