Deloitte Switzerland Impact Report 2022/23

Driving Change and Measuring Impact

Over the last financial year, which ended on 31 May 2023, Deloitte Switzerland has made significant progress with its internal and external sustainability initiatives. We have also seen remarkable growth in both turnover and the number of our employees. Our purpose is to make an impact that matters for our clients, people and society.

Hear from our leadership…

… to discover the strides we have made in the past financial year, and get a glimpse of the future we are forging. Our CEO, Reto Savoia, starts by talking about Deloitte’s progress and future goals. Growth leader Kristina Faddoul walks you through our client services, Chief People Officer Veronica Melian shares how we’re making a social impact, and Chief Sustainability Officer Liza Engel wraps it up with our environmental sustainability initiatives.


Deloitte Switzerland is pleased to report nine per cent growth in net revenue for the past financial year (FY23), fuelled by innovative solutions from our multidisciplinary services with a strong technology and sustainability focus. The dedication and expertise of our talented people played a crucial role in being able to respond quickly to our clients’ economic and market challenges. Consistent strong financial performance is a key enabler for job creation, our investments in sustainability and our corresponding progress.

We have invested in advancing our sustainability-related service offerings, as they are integral to business operations. This goes hand in hand with making progress on our internal sustainability agenda and empowering our people to see sustainability as an integral part of their daily work.

Breakdown of our revenue performance

We supported our clients in a tightening economic environment and against a backdrop of increasing market volatility. All our main industries and business lines have contributed to the positive financial results.

Our leading advisory services grew at an even higher rate than the overall business and Deloitte remains the largest advisory firm in Switzerland. While our Audit & Assurance business grew considerably, the Tax & Legal business remained stable.

Deloitte serves clients from all significant industries. The financial services industry remained our most important sector, and we continued growing in life sciences and health care, our second largest industry. Deloitte also successfully supported businesses in energy, resources and industrials, in the consumer and retail industry and helped governments and the public sector organisations on a larger scale than last year.


As a top employer in Switzerland, Deloitte provides a space where individuals can learn, grow and make a significant impact. Both our leadership and our entire team are dedicated to building an inclusive and open culture. Through this culture, we champion principles such as leading by example, serving with integrity, caring for one another, fostering inclusion and collaborating to achieve tangible results. We thereby empower our people to drive positive change.

Attracting and developing our people

We focus on enhancing our team’s skills to meet evolving market requirements, ensure their well-being and empower them to act sustainably. To meet the growing needs of our clients, we have recruited colleagues from an even broader spectrum of backgrounds than in previous years, including 19 new partners and a large number of graduates. Our people dedicated an average of 21 hours to training and development.

A diverse and inclusive culture

Deloitte brings together diverse individuals from various backgrounds, with an emphasis on fostering an inclusive environment. In FY23, we increased our female representation to 44 per cent of all employees, representing growth of 2 percentage points within one year. Our gender balance efforts begin already in the recruitment phase: In FY23, the share of female new hires increased to 48 per cent. The share of female leaders in the ranks of Partners, Directors and Senior Managers has grown by over 1 percentage point to 29 per cent.

We have implemented various initiatives to support and elevate our female talent and strengthen integration of our people with different backgrounds and needs. Our goal is to improve the gender balance and make everybody thrive within our organisation. Our senior leaders have been trained to advocate a culture of respect and inclusion. Our employee-led Resource Groups like the neurodiversity or the multicultural network foster understanding and an inclusive environment.

Furthermore, our Swiss Female Manager Programme empowers women to aspire for leadership roles. As members of Advance - Gender Equality in Business, our people benefit from various events and mentorship opportunities. Our internal Women’s Initiative Network promotes gender equality and connects women across the firm. The Working Parents Programme offers workshops, networking opportunities and coaching. Our dedication to pay equity is reflected in our annual internal assessment and our external validation of an insignificant gender pay gap.

Employees by office

Within Deloitte’s large global network and as an active member of the Swiss business community and relevant associations in all parts of the country, we are committed to responding to our client’s needs most efficiently.


Our society faces pressing challenges in various areas – from cyber security, pension funds and health, to education, equality and inclusion, through to meeting urgent needs related to humanitarian crises. As a purpose-driven firm, Deloitte has responded to these challenges by investing our know-how and resources into addressing systemic problems in communities in Switzerland and around the world.

Hear from our people and clients…

… to explore the impact we’ve made and the change we are driving. Edouard delves into a ground-breaking collaboration project for the watch industry. Rhiana shares her commitment to tackling climate change, Sophie discusses the Next Generation Board’s contribution to shaping future leadership, and Anna recounts her journey from Ukraine, marked by hardship, resilience and new beginnings

Our signature societal programme is WorldClass, a global Deloitte initiative to empower 100 million people to fulfil their potential and succeed in the rapidly changing global economy by 2030.

Volunteering, pro bono work and donations

Our people regularly do volunteer work and we offer some services on a pro bono basis. In FY23, Deloitte Switzerland positively impacted the lives of 10,084 individuals through our WorldClass initiative for a total of 22,913, since 2017. Efforts were focussed on education, employment and skills-building, with over 500 of our people dedicating more than 7,000 hours to community volunteering. Our firm also provided humanitarian support for the education and employment of Ukrainian refugees and contributed to mental health and inclusivity initiatives within Switzerland. Deloitte Switzerland has set itself the ambitious goal of positively impacting 75,000 lives by 2030.


As we are increasingly crossing planetary boundaries such as climate change, the need for swift and substantial action has never been more evident. Deloitte is committed to helping achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement by making environmental sustainability central to how we work and advising clients on their sustainability journeys. We have continued to advance our WorldClimate initiative, which encompasses Deloitte’s environmental sustainability ambitions. We extend our impact beyond our own boundaries by empowering our people, collaborating with our suppliers and engaging our ecosystems to champion responsible environmental choices.

Direct and indirect CO2 emissions

Our gross total emissions per full-time employee decreased by 23 per cent compared to a FY19 baseline. Nevertheless, our emissions have increased by 62 per cent per FTE in FY23 compared to FY22, predominantly due to the increase in business travel. We have managed to continue decreasing our emissions from owned sources and purchased energy (scope 1 and 2) by working with property management to implement positive and lasting change. Our Better Buildings programme enables us to improve the sustainability of all our offices.

  • Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions from owned or controlled sources.
  • Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy.

Supply chain and procurement

Our largest source of emissions is our purchased goods and services. A key part of our WorldClimate transformation is to develop more sustainable supply chains. A first step in doing so is to have 67 per cent of our global suppliers (by emissions) adopt a science-based target by 2025. Currently, 20 per cent of our strategic suppliers have set those targets, which is a 6 percentage points increase since FY22.

Every new or renewed contract managed by our global procurement function now includes several sustainability-related clauses covering greenhouse gas emissions, science-based targets, renewable energy or labour and human rights.

Travel emissions

Our second largest source of emissions is business travel, as our business model often still requires international travel. Reflecting some pent-up demand after the pandemic, we have experienced a 160 per cent increase per FTE in FY23 compared to FY22. This figure, however, is still far below the pre-pandemic level.

Our Sustainable Service Delivery Framework helps us proactively work with our clients to reduce our travel footprint and the carbon emissions associated with our projects. The framework includes a Travel Emissions Calculator, which enables the forecasting, monitoring and discussion of alternative options to encourage sustainable travel behaviours. In FY23, we also implemented a revised travel policy to promote more sustainable behaviour among our people, such as travelling by train to certain cities in neighbouring countries.

Inspiring our people to be part of the change

During our Swiss Sustainability Week 2023, we promoted tools to enhance our people’s environmental awareness, organised events − from client panels to sustainability fairs − and launched Climate Fresk workshops, which teach the fundamental science behind climate change. These workshops are now a standard offering in our learning curriculum. Our growing network of Swiss Climate Champions consists of dedicated individuals who champion sustainability, disseminate updates and drive volunteer-led projects. By the end of FY23, we had over 100 climate champions registered.


Our business is built on our Purpose and our Shared Values. A sound governance structure is the foundation for ensuring transparency, accountability and effective decision-making. We operate with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and to managing risks responsibly and effectively. Our governance is firmly anchored in ensuring junior representation, involving our employees in our sustainability commitments, upholding our ethics and integrity guidelines and meeting our high standards for risk and transparency.

Deloitte Switzerland includes two legal entities. Deloitte AG is our audit firm, which provides Audit & Assurance, Risk Advisory, Financial Advisory and Tax & Legal services. Deloitte Consulting AG provides comprehensive advisory services. The Executive Group coordinates and organises the operational and daily business for the central functions of both companies. All members of the Executive Group continue to focus on providing services to clients and creating and maintaining relationships with clients and other stakeholders.

The Deloitte Switzerland transparency report provides details relating to Deloitte AG’s structure and governance, which are required for ensuring the provision of high-quality audit-related services. The Deloitte Tax Transparency Report which has been published for the very first time this year with respect to the financial year ending 31 May 2022. It illustrates our tax principles and outlines the details of our tax contribution.

A key achievement in terms of governance was the launch of the Next Generation Board, comprising a dozen young Deloitte professionals who closely cooperate with the CEO to discuss current and potential future challenges. The Next Generation Board empowers the younger generations in our firm, enabling them to make a tangible impact within our working environment and for our business.

About the Report

Our Impact Report has been enhanced significantly in terms of breadth and depth compared to previous editions. It provides a comprehensive insight into our ESG initiatives and reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and accountability. In our relentless pursuit of transparency, we strictly adhere to established reporting norms and engage in open dialogue with external stakeholders. The environmental data disclosed in this report has undergone a limited assurance audit, and we are aiming for broader assurance in future editions.1

The Impact Report will be published annually, reflecting our progress and achievements throughout the financial year, spanning from June to May. This edition is the result of a thorough internal consultation process, and it draws information from various business units. Feedback on the report and our sustainability goals is welcomed and will be carefully considered. As a proud signatory of the UN Global Compact, we remain committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and have integrated them throughout our business practices and this report.

1 Limited assurance was provided by BDO LLP at a consolidated Deloitte NSE level over all reported carbon metrics. This included consideration of the underlying country data in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Middle East, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK plus Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

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