Deloitte Switzerland Impact Report 2021/22

Future-proofing Swiss companies and people

Deloitte Switzerland’s purpose is to make an impact that matters for our clients, people and society. The past financial year up to 31 May 2022 proved that Deloitte is well on track and has continued to increase its impact significantly.

Hear from Reto Savoia, our CEO

Despite economic and geopolitical disruptions in recent times, Deloitte Switzerland can look back on a successful 2021/22 financial year. Learn more about our impact, our diverse people and culture and our environmental engagement in this short video featuring Reto Savoia.


We provide our clients with audit and assurance services, tax and legal services, and advisory services across a wide variety of business matters. Deloitte Switzerland increased its net revenues considerably to CHF 547 million in the 2021/22 financial year – up eight per cent compared to the previous year. Growth has been driven by complex and often technology-focused interdisciplinary services with high added value that enable us to future-proof our clients with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Breakdown of our revenue performance

We supported our clients during the various waves of the pandemic and with the arising geopolitical challenges. All of our main industries and business lines have contributed to the positive financial results.

Our leading advisory services account for over half of the company’s revenues and make Deloitte the largest advisory firm in Switzerland. Tax & Legal practice and our Audit & Assurance practice achieved double-digit growth.

Deloitte serves clients from all significant industries and has been able to grow its business in the majority of its industries. We further increased our leading position in the Financial Services industry – which included tackling our clients’ challenges related to sustainability and digitalisation – and we continued to grow in Life Sciences & Health Care, our second biggest industry. Deloitte also successfully supported businesses from the consumer and retail industry that were confronted with persistent issues relating to the pandemic.

Challenging bike rides and the digitalised bakery

Jeannine Zähner from Migros loves challenges, whether it’s uphill mountain biking or managing the supply chains of Jowa, the largest bakery in Switzerland. She explains how Deloitte supported her and her team with optimising processes for her organisation.


Deloitte is a leading employer in Switzerland and an inspiring place for people to learn, grow and make an impact. We have created nearly 240 new jobs in the last financial year. Our leadership and all our people take part in building an inclusive and open culture where everyone can thrive and shape their individual impact.

Attracting and developing our people

We prioritise developing our people’s skills in line with changing market and client needs and supporting their wellbeing. The increasingly challenging requirements of our clients led us to recruit more than twice as many experienced people as in the previous year. We have diversified our partner base with a total of 23 new partners, paving the way for further substantial growth. More than half of our total hires were graduates or interns. People develop quickly within Deloitte, and many of them will go on to hold important positions in various organisations later in their careers.


Deloitte Switzerland is a diverse and dynamic organisation with a strong and vibrant culture. We encourage flexible and hybrid working. We had fewer part-time employees last year, which may correlate with the increased options for time off: In the past financial year, paternity leave has been extended from 2 to 6 weeks, and we have offered our people the option of buying up to 42 days of holiday. People of 69 different nationalities are working together and enriching our firm’s culture – seven more nationalities than in the previous year.

Diversity and inclusion

Deloitte unites people from many different educational, cultural and professional backgrounds. We foster an inclusive workplace built on respect and appreciation for diversity in all its forms. The proportion of women among the 137 partners grew by 3.4 percentage points and now stands at 16.8 per cent. The overall proportion of female employees and the proportion of women in managerial and executive roles have both risen in the past financial year. We remain committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace and continuing our mentoring and development programmes for women.

Employees by office

Within Deloitte’s large global network, and as an active member of the Swiss business community and the relevant associations in all parts of the country, we are committed to responding to our client’s needs in the most efficient way.

Conquering views and multicultural training

Hevin Demir from our Tax & Legal practice loves running on the hills around Zurich. The German with Turkish origins speaks about her steep career path and why she has trained all partners on diversity and inclusion matters.


As a purpose-driven firm, Deloitte is committed to leveraging its capabilities to address wider societal challenges. Our most important programme is WorldClass, a worldwide Deloitte initiative aimed at empowering 100 million people to fulfil their potential and succeed in the rapidly changing global economy by 2030. Deloitte Switzerland is part of this initiative. We seek to reduce social inequality and support disadvantaged communities by teaching job skills, improving educational outcomes and increasing access to opportunities.

Deloitte has expanded its refugee support by engaging at a global level to provide pragmatic assistance to people in Ukraine and neighbouring countries affected by the war. Deloitte Switzerland contributed to the efforts of our global firm and has participated in concerted Deloitte donation activities on a global scale.

Volunteering, pro bono work and donations

Our people regularly do volunteer work and offer services on a pro bono basis. On one of our programmes, Deloitte employees support refugees through mentoring and by running free workshops to help them set up their businesses. Our new Volunteering Hub is a platform to involve our people in various social impact initiatives which focus on building skills, offering education and increasing employability for underrepresented and underprivileged groups.

Thought leadership

Deloitte Switzerland’s dedicated researchers and subject matter experts investigate trends in the economy and society. Our thought leadership covers a variety of business, people, societal and environmental topics. We focus on key questions relevant to Swiss society and the economy, such as skilled labour shortages, geopolitics and hybrid working. With our freely accessible studies, we stimulate public discussion and contribute to raising awareness of topics that are highly relevant for the future.

Merging companies and strengthening employability

Hadi Subhia has Palestinian origins and holds a Master of Economics from a Swiss university. He speaks about Swiss society and the labour market, and about what he has learned as a participant of the Deloitte Connection & Assistance for Refugee Employability (CARE) programme.


We are driving positive change to help achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Deloitte’s near-term (2030) greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) in accordance with the agreement. We are about to set a long-term emissions reduction target using the SBTi’s Standard. Deloitte is running the global programme WorldClimate, a strategy to drive responsible climate choices, embed sustainability, empower individuals to make climate-conscious decisions, and engage our ecosystems.

Direct and indirect CO2 emissions

We have reduced our CO2 emissions considerably and continuously over the years. Moving into new headquarters and changing to district heating led to a total reduction of CO2 emissions of over 50 per cent during the last financial year. We are committed to the transition to green gas for heating in our other buildings across Switzerland.

Travel emissions

Travel emissions remained significantly lower than our pre-pandemic baseline, but the past financial year showed signs of a rebound since COVID-19 measures have been lifted. We aim to keep travel emissions low by minimising business travel in general, focussing on low-carbon means of travelling, and enabling hybrid working by equipping our offices with – and advising our clients on – advanced digital technologies.

We incentivise the use of public transportation instead of cars and planes, and we offer our people the use of Deloitte bicycles for short distances. We are committed to reducing travel emissions by 50 per cent per employee compared to our pre-pandemic levels.

Waste and water

In 2022, we have made significant progress with saving water, recycling more and reducing waste – the latter particularly with the introduction of 100 per cent recycled paper. We have taken effective measures to reduce food waste in our canteen and have placed additional recycling bins throughout our offices. We have also empowered our people through our first Swiss Sustainability Week to make conscious choices for a positive impact on the climate. Our Swiss Climate Champions Network has been established to educate, encourage and enable climate advocacy among our colleagues, empowering them to take action.

Team spirit and sustainable facility services

Irene Kirwan from our facility management service provider ISS likes to cheer on her sons playing rugby. She explains how Deloitte empowers her and her team to explore new and innovative ways in ecological facility management.


Deloitte Switzerland consists of two legal entities. Deloitte AG is an audit firm recognised and supervised by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). While Audit & Assurance, Risk Advisory, Financial Advisory and Tax & Legal services are delivered by Deloitte AG, our comprehensive Consulting services are provided by Deloitte Consulting AG. The activities of Deloitte AG are led by its Management Committee, whereas the Executive Group coordinates and organises the operational and daily business for central functions of both companies.

Since the start of the 2019/20 financial year (1 June 2019), the Swiss Executive Group has been led by Reto Savoia, the CEO. All members of the Executive Group continue to focus on the provision of services to clients, as well as on creating and maintaining relationships with clients and other stakeholders. The Deloitte Switzerland transparency report provides details relating to Deloitte AG’s governance and its structure for ensuring high-quality audit-related services. The Board of Directors of Deloitte AG is chaired by Alessandro Miolo, and the Board of Directors of Deloitte Consulting AG by Anna Celner. The board members of those companies are responsible for the overall supervision of the respective company.

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