An interview about what it's like to be a woman at Deloitte with Lisa Hardinghaus

Meet Lisa Hardinghaus - Women @ Deloitte

Get to know the women that shape our culture and help us make Deloitte a unique place to work! Find out more about their backgrounds and unique career paths, learn about what their daily work routine is like and get their advice for the women of the future.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your career path at Deloitte.

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa Hardinghaus and I work for Deloitte as Senior Consultant in our Financial Crime Analytics team. I work with different clients to help analyze and identify any potential risk for financial crime. My biggest passions outside of work are many things related to Japan (the culture, the art, the language, the food) and enjoying time in the beautiful nature of Switzerland (like hiking in the mountains, swimming in Zürisee or drinking a beer by the Limmat).

2. How do you believe Deloitte supports women* and helps you make an impact?

Deloitte supports women by giving equal opportunities in the hiring process and pushing every new joiner, regardless of gender, to make an effort in career planning, goal setting and seeking advice on those topics. I had the chance to work on several very different projects in my first three months and was able to gain valuable experience which I’m quite grateful for. Also, my opinion matters to my team and superiors. It’s great to be valued and heard.

“My opinion matters to my team and superiors. It’s great to be valued and heard."

3. Tell us about any learning and development opportunities you’ve experienced at Deloitte.

I recently participated in a training about being more strategic. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and then was positively surprised by it! I  liked how the training made you think about your own skills and talents and how to effectively manage them. Also: the instructor gave interesting book recommendations and I now have “Think Again” by Adam Grant on my shelf and I can't wait to read it!

4. What do you think Deloitte does well to support diversity and inclusion?

When I joined Deloitte, I immediately noticed that I became part of a melting pot. Every day I meet colleagues from all over the world. Even when you’re on your way to grab a coffee, you can hear at least five different languages being spoken – I love that!

Besides Deloitte being a highly international workplace, I noticed that people are very open, flexible and understanding when it comes to colleagues who are or will soon become parents. Even though I am not a parent, balancing family and work life seems very doable here and that’s a great thing.

5. What’s advice you’d give to the women of the future/women who are looking to join Deloitte?

Give it a try!

Deloitte offers many great opportunities, a wide range of fields to work in which is constantly expanding, a lot of learning, training and development opportunities and has very supportive colleagues. Some projects and fields are so new and experimental that we are literally shaping the pilot projects while working on them with the clients. It’s quite a challenge and super exciting.