Sulzer: Implementing a successful transformation programme

At Deloitte, we look to support growth in all of our clients. As part of a broader programme to improve its profitability we worked alongside the industrial group Sulzer, supporting their global finance transformation project. The programme aimed to deliver double-digit productivity improvement, by better leveraging scale to close the gap with other best-in-class organisations.

Our role as primary advisor to Sulzer offered us the opportunity to be part of this project from start to finish – helping to define strategy and the new operating model, as well as planning and implementing its execution. To maximize its impact, the project was designed around three phases. First, we worked with Sulzer to identify the right external partner to outsource core transactional processes, enabling world-class efficiency in the finance services organisation. We then gave support in defining a regional clusters concept, based on a new financial operating model, which brings together common functions into regional centres of excellence, allowing the business to be served more effectively. Finally, we helped in developing a training concept (Sulzer Finance Academy) designed to further both technical and soft skills within the finance organisation.

It was critical that this transformation project would provide lasting benefits to the business. Therefore, with our support, Sulzer carried out the implementation in phases, focusing on one continent at a time (America, Europe, Asia). Together, we also made sure that local finance managers and staff involved with the standardised finance processes were fully equipped through common governance and guidelines.

As a result of this global finance transformation, Sulzer has improved process standardisation and effectiveness, and achieved important cost savings throughout the organisation.

“Deloitte has played an important part in the success of this project. The team quickly understood our situation and supported us in developing and implementing this strategic finance transformation programme.”

Thomas Dittrich, CFO, Sulzer Ltd.


Syngenta: Helping to unlock $1bn in sustainable productivity

Syngenta is a global Swiss agribusiness that markets seeds and agrochemicals. In a difficult industry environment, the Syngenta Executive launched a productivity and cost savings campaign called AOL (Accelerated Operational Leverage) in order to increase the company’s margins and help counter the downturn. Deloitte was chosen to support Syngenta in developing and implementing the strategy for the commercial function and in further developing operational excellence capabilities.

The programme targeted an improvement in EBITDA margin through annualized efficiency gains of around $1 billion in 2018, to be achieved across all functions. Measures included simplification of market operations and margin improvement through sales force productivity. Deloitte teams proactively drove implementation across all AOL focus areas and continued to accompany Syngenta to drive a successful change in management approach within its organisation. Over the first year, all components of the AOL programme were on target.

"Deloitte has created a new capability in Operational Excellence which will allow Syngenta to sustain all the business transformation changes. Deloitte defined new capabilities in the Sales Strategy and Operations areas, developing and implementing new technologies with SFDC providing a better customer experience through better ways of working for the sales operations staff. Deloitte has also brought an outside-in perspective on how other companies make transformational change happen and challenged us on how we believe we will make the solutions sustainable in the different geographies"

Jorge Lopez, Global Program Manager and Commercial Transformation Lead, Syngenta AG

Transforming your business is like building a house

The challenge

There are many trends that shape the business world we live in today - from fast-paced technological changes and increasing global interconnectivity, to blurring industry boundaries that alter the nature of competition and clients' expectations. The COVID-19 pandemic and the need to adapt to the 'new normal' for long-term success adds yet another dimension.

Organisations that want to stay relevant in this environment need to frequently and continuously reinvent how they conduct business and how they operate. Often, firms are triggered to embark on transformations by shifting market demands, new growth opportunities, evolving regulations or distressed situations. Each of these triggers calls for a tailored transformation - and, depending on the firm's situation, these come with their own unique challenges.

More than ever before, capturing value through mastering the transformation of the business and operating model is at the forefront of executives’ minds. What could a transformed business look like? How do we ensure that we capture value from the transformation? And importantly, how do we govern and manage the transformation to realise value while mitigating risks?

Challenges of this kind span across functional, geographic and business boundaries - they involve a multitude of stakeholders and impact complex interactions. Deloitte's Business Transformation teams can help solve the vital questions that come with reinventing your business, and deliver a solution that works for you.

Our approach


We help business leaders to imagine their future business vision and identify new value sources


We work with our clients to deliver a tailored business and operating model to capture value


We empower our clients to realise sustained value by implementing lasting changes


We provide you with guidance on the best way to transform and achieve your business objectives

We help you to capture the value from your transformation programme

We accompany you to build a sustainable transformation, leading you along the path and providing you with the tools needed to continue on your own

Why Deloitte?

  • Support throughout your entire journey

    Our professionals spread across 150+ countries cover all areas of expertise required for enterprise wide and functional transformation

  • Relentless focus on value

    We put in place all tools, processes and knowledge necessary to drive benefits realisation and maximum value from your transformation

  • True partnership

    We employ a flexible partnership model that reflects our commitment to embark with you on a successful transformation

  • Agility and speed

    We use agile methodologies that ensure the transformation process runs at a fast pace

  • External powerful alliances to leverage

    We have alliances with some of the largest and most innovative companies and research hubs in the world

Case studies

Sulzer: Implementing a successful transformation programme

Deloitte supported Sulzer in defining and implementing a finance transformation programme.

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Syngenta: Helping to unlock $1bn in sustainable productivity

We're helping Syngenta to get the right products to the right farmers faster

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