Consumer Business Services

Today's harsh environment requires consumer businesses to understand and anticipate changing consumer needs and to respond rapidly with relevant products and solutions. To do that, they must address a myriad of questions – and Deloitte is here to help.

Consumer Products

Consumer behaviour and demographics are rapidly evolving and having a strong impact on the competitive landscape, driving changes in channel mix, new players and innovation.

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Retailers, Wholesalers & Distributors

As digital technology becomes pervasive, retailers are embracing technology to differentiate themselves in hyper-competitive markets. The retail store is not going away. However, the retail environment will need to offer a better, more differentiated experience for consumers. Retailers are increasingly recognising the need to rethink the overall consumer experience: the main drivers to meet or exceed customer expectations are talent, physical space and store operations.

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Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure

As consumers become increasingly digitally-influenced, the travel, hospitality, and leisure (THL) industry is challenged to integrate channels to create a seamless experience.

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Food & Beverage

Concerns around health and food Safety continues to be a major issue. Product recalls have become a top of mind issue – fuelled by media coverage and consumerism, while trends toward healthier lifestyles influence people’s desire for improved food quality and functionality.

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Deloitte Analytics

Today’s global business environment requires consumer-focused organizations to accurately anticipate the changing needs and wants of its customers. But this is not new; successful organizations have always had to do this. What’s new is the speed and frequency with which needs and wants change due to the consumer’s increased access to information.

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