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Deloitte CFO Survey – 2nd half-year 2020

The long road back from the crisis

Following a sharp decline in H1 2020, Swiss CFOs’ rating of the country’s economic outlook has improved.

The expected recovery is considered weak and patchy. A majority of CFOs do not expect revenues to return to pre-crisis levels until Q3 2021. The situation remains volatile and largely dependent on how the COVID-19 pandemic evolves and political responses to it. Both are difficult, if not impossible, to predict, so companies still face significant uncertainty. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic remains the largest single risk that CFOs have identified for their company. For the first time, CFOs also identify credit or payment default as a risk.

A majority of companies have agreed new cost measures, and most of these are now in place. The most frequently cited cost measures are reducing discretionary spending, cutting accumulated overtime and outstanding annual leave, and introducing short-time working.

The Deloitte CFO Survey - 2nd half-year 2020

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About the CFO Survey

The 40th Swiss CFO Survey was conducted online between 31 August and 25 September. Despite the unusual circumstances, a total of 112 CFOs participated, representing listed companies as well as privately owned firms from every major sector of the Swiss economy. We would like to thank all participating CFOs for their support in completing the Survey.

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