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The Deloitte CFO Survey - 2nd half-year 2019

Swiss companies preparing for stormier times

CFOs expect weaker economic growth, but no recession in Switzerland. Currency concerns are once again widespread, and in response to the greater challenges they face, companies are relying heavily on digitisation.

The tenth anniversary edition of the CFO Survey is dominated by the preparations of Swiss CFOs for stormy times. Currency risks have increased in importance and companies are less willing to consider investments.

The Deloitte CFO Survey - 2nd half-year 2019

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Download the PDF to access all the historical data series from the Deloitte CFO Survey since Q3 2009. Please feel free to use any of the data series in your documents or presentations.

About the CFO Survey

The survey comprises 20 questions which recur each half-year and around 10 questions unique to the financial conditions of the previous half-year. This allows us to provide you with both specific feedback on the market conditions relevant to the previous half-year, as well as ongoing trend analysis regarding how financial conditions are evolving and how your peers are reacting to them. 

The CFO Survey brings the views of CFOs to a wide audience in the media and among policy makers and is a valuable benchmark for Swiss business leaders.

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