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Deloitte CFO Survey – 1st half-year 2020

Addressing the crisis successfully

Deloitte CFO Survey - 1st half-year 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, almost all Swiss CFOs expect a sharp economic downturn with recession in Switzerland as well as in the USA, the UK and the Eurozone. Swiss companies are responding to the crisis mainly through cost saving and revenue generating measures. They are better equipped for the crisis than companies in other countries.

With the global economic downturn, most responses to the survey are negative or pessimistic. COVID-19 is the dominant company risk of the survey. But at least companies have become, in general, more resilient to an appreciation of the Swiss franc since 2018. A rapid recovery therefore seems possible for Switzerland: the state budget is healthy and companies are facing the crisis from a position of strength.

The Deloitte CFO Survey - 1st half-year 2020

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About the CFO Survey

The 38th CFO survey in Switzerland was conducted under exceptional circumstances. The survey was run online from 2 to 30 March. The survey period is thus divided into the period before and after the federal council's far-reaching measures of 13 March. These measures included school closures and wider restrictions on meetings and travel, with corresponding effects on economic activity. The answers from the two periods are sometimes very different.

The CFO Survey brings the views of CFOs to a wide audience in the media and among policy makers and is a valuable benchmark for Swiss business leaders.

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