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The Deloitte CFO Survey - 1st half-year 2019

Growth outlook: Switzerland still good, Europe returns to mediocrity

Swiss CFOs want to invest in organic growth and new offering and recruit additional employees.

Less upbeat for the second time in a row, but still positive: once again, Swiss CFOs view economic prospects as worse than in the previous half-year. However, they remain positive overall and are counting on increased investment and employee numbers. Their major concerns are geopolitical risks and weak domestic demand.

The Deloitte CFO Survey - First half-year 2019

Key findings from the Swiss survey

Key findings of the European survey

  • At the European level, performance is moving towards mediocrity. CFOs’ expectations for their own financial prospects are more pessimistic than in the last survey. 60% expect revenues to rise, while 21% expect them to fall. Margin expectations are even worse: 37% predict higher margins, while 31% expect lower margins.
  • Expectations for investments and employee numbers remain barely positive.
  • 62% of European CFOs perceive current uncertainties as high. This feeling of uncertainty is highest in the UK with 96%. As a result, risk appetite is consistently low in all markets.

Financial outlook of companies across Europe

Percentage of CFOs rating their companies’ financial prospects more / less optimistic compared to three months ago; results for selected European countries and comparison with autumn survey. Spain did not participate in the previous survey.

Swiss & European CFO summary

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Download the PDF to access all the historical data series from the Deloitte CFO Survey since Q3 2009. Please feel free to use any of the data series in your documents or presentations.

About the CFO Survey

The survey comprises 20 questions which recur each half-year and around 10 questions unique to the financial conditions of the previous half-year. This allows us to provide you with both specific feedback on the market conditions relevant to the previous half-year, as well as ongoing trend analysis regarding how financial conditions are evolving and how your peers are reacting to them. 

The CFO Survey brings the views of CFOs to a wide audience in the media and among policy makers and is a valuable benchmark for Swiss business leaders.

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