Carve-Out and Vendor Assistance


Carve-Out and Vendor Assistance

Optimising the outcome

Clients looking to divest are usually aiming to optimize the outcome of the divestment decision and manage the required time for the preparation of the process. We will work with the seller to complement existing skills and resources and help address the challenges before and during the divestment process. By combining financial and operational carve-out expertise we ensure highest value to the project.

Carve-Out Assistance

During a carve-out, key operational elements are separated. Deloitte works with the client to set up appropriate processes and analyses which provides the client with detailed information, and subsequently comfort about the robustness of its standalone operations.

We will work with the client to ensure a professional preparation of historic financial information in compliance with the applicable accounting standards and considering relevant operational separation aspects, and provide a sound basis for the target company’s future reporting, for example as a listed entity.

Integration & Separation Advisory

Our Carve-out team supports with:

  • Preparing historical financial information where we apply newest analytical tools (iDeal) thereby increasing efficiency and being more effective,
  • developing a clear and properly supported financial plan and a vision of how the remaining business will operate after divestment,
  • highlighting the future value for potential buyers,
  • ensuring proper planning and preparation, on a strategic, operational and financial level,
  • identifying and resolving issues early in the process, before they cause undue delay or jeopardise the deal.

Vendor Assistance

Our VA team provides an integrated vendor assistance (VA) services offering utilising extensive divestment process experience to help our clients set-up an efficient divestment process.

We are cabable to offer assistance at every stage on the divestment process, and will tailor our involvement according to our client’s requirements.

Our VA team offer the following services:

  • Portfolio review,
  • Transactional readiness review,
  • Project management,
  • Separation planning and implementation,
  • Data room support,
  • Commercial/operational review,
  • Vendor Due Diligence,
  • Pensions and human capital support,
  • Sales purchase agreement support,
  • Tax review and structuring,
  • Financial reporting procedures and transaction advisory,
  • Treasury support.

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Konstantin von Radowitz

Konstantin von Radowitz

Managing Partner, Financial Advisory

Konstantin is the Managing Partner of Deloitte Switzerland’s Financial Advisory practice and a member of the Swiss Executive team. He has nearly 25 years of experience focused on serving industrial cl... More

Andrew Busby

Andrew Busby


Andrew has worked for more than 25 years, with more than 18 years in M&A. He has significant experience dealing in large complex cross-border transactions within the mining, manufacturing, consumer bu... More

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Chris Tattersall


Chris Tattersall is a partner in the Energy & Resources sector at Deloitte in Switzerland. He has over 17 years of transaction advisory experience, mainly working for clients in the commodity trading ... More

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