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Deloitte Private Emerging Growth

Supporting ambitious founders and scaling companies

Technology, science and access to capital are allowing businesses of today to grow faster than at any other time in history.

However, with rapid growth comes increased complexity and risk, and to realise their ambitions, successful companies use trusted advisors to help them navigate these challenges.

Whether it’s raising the funds to finance the next stage of your growth, protecting your intellectual property, maximising your R&D tax credits, or finding an appropriate mechanism to recruit, retain and incentivise your team, you need a partner who knows these areas inside and out, so you can focus on driving value for your business.

Our global team of specialists support entrepreneurs, founders, and management teams of high growth companies, from start-up to scale-up and beyond.

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From Seed to Scale

The challenges facing your business will change as you grow and evolve. As such, the advice and support you need will differ depending on where you are in your growth lifecycle.

From seed to scale, we support founders and CxOs throughout their entire growth journey, asking the right questions at the right time, to ensure you and your business are supported every step of the way.

Intellectual Property

How do you protect your intellectual property?

IP is often considered the most valuable asset for a scaling company, so it needs to be protected and valued.

Creating an end-to-end IP strategy enables your organisation to plan, protect and profit through the strategic management of your IP assets.

Capital Raising & Exit Preparation

What’s the best way to fund your business?

Scale-ups need to have access to the right mix of funding, at the right time, to support their growth.

It’s no surprise that there are numerous routes to fund raising and financing your company. These will differ depending on where you are in your growth lifecycle, and what your company’s vision and goals are. If you’re considering an IPO, are you taking the right steps today to prepare your business?

Technology & Supply Chain

How do you run an effective ERP selection? Is your business properly protected from a cyber-attack?

As your company scales, you need a tech infrastructure that can grow with you. Financial reporting needs to be flexible as strategies tilt and pivot, futureproofing for international growth and acquisitions.


How do you create a market leading reward strategy to attract and retain top talent?

From competitive remuneration to equity, benefits, pensions, wellbeing and international employee mobility: there’s a lot to consider when designing employee reward packages.

If your business is expanding internationally or you are looking at talent acquisition on an international basis (including locations that you do not have a corporate presence), employee mobility assumes even greater importance, both from an employee, and employer, perspective. Scaling businesses need to organise and co-ordinate internationally mobile assignees quickly and cost-effectively in accordance with your underlying business and talent strategy.

Risk & Compliance

Do you have the proper controls and processes in place to protect your business?

Managing risk is instrumental in protecting customers, employees and shareholders – and doing it right, or wrong, could ultimately make or break a business.

Having a robust risk strategy reduces vulnerabilities throughout the business lifecycle and is vital to a successful exit, whether it be trade, private equity or an IPO.

Exit Readiness and IPO Assist

If you think an exit is in your future, it’s never too early to start planning.

And no matter which route you take to exit – from PE, to SPACs, to trade sales to a number of possible stock markets to consider – there are a common set of basic principles and requirements that you’ll need to establish to navigate through. We will work with you and your management teams to identify some of key challenges and focus areas on an exit journey and where we can provide support, each step of the way.

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