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Living and working in Switzerland 2018

A guide for foreign nationals relocating to Switzerland

We are pleased to present the 2018 edition of Living and working in Switzerland, which provides an overview of the topics affecting foreign nationals moving to Switzerland.

Living and working in Switzerland provides expatriate individuals (and their employers) information of a practical nature (e.g. housing, banking, education), as well as information on taxes and other employment‑related matters.

The publication is not intended to provide in‑depth answers to specific questions and should be treated as a general outline. Due to the complexity of, and frequent changes to, Swiss law and those in other countries, individuals and employers should seek advice that is specific to their circumstances.

Content overview: Living and working in Switzerland 2018

Moving together: Living and working in Switzerland 2018

Permits for Switzerland

General information




Driving in Switzerland

Taxation in different cantons

Indirect Taxes

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