SAP IBP at Deloitte Switzerland

Supply chain planning processes enabled by SAP IBP

Deloitte Switzerland has deep and broad expertise on supply chain planning processes enabled by SAP IBP. We have implemented SAP IBP on several industries, such as Life Science, Consumer Products, Industrial Equipment, among others.


Sustainable Supply Chain Planning powered by SAP IBP

D-Carb enriches your Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process with carbon footprint data, in order to support business decisions on your journey to decarbonisation. It allows you to walk the talk by providing the missing link between your climate strategy and your day-to-day planning activities.

SAP D-Stats

Deloitte Statistical Forecast Intelligence for SAP IBP

SAP D-Stats helps you to address the complexity of your Demand Planning process. It is a reliable and repetitive procedure to increase your forecasting accuracy while building trust, confidence and understanding in the process.

Smart Configurable Planning

Standard solution for planning configurable products enabled by SAP IBP

Smart Configurable Planning is a Deloitte accelerator, powered by SAP IBP, that makes it possible to plan configurable and characteristic-based products in various production environments such as CTO (configure-to-order), MTO (make-to-order) or ETO (engineer-to-order) and process types such as Project.

Instant Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment for SAP Integrated Business Planning

Our Instant Performance Assessment will optimise and update your SAP IBP system using a robust Deloitte methodology and the latest SAP best practices, so your IBP system will run quickly and smoothly.

If you are currently struggling with poor performance from your IBP system, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to provide you with more details about Instant Performance Assessment.

Key contacts

Fabio Bonci

Fabio Bonci


Fabio leads the SAP Transformation offering for Deloitte Switzerland. He has over 25 years of experience in managing large business transformations for global clients – working in complex, multicultur... More

Fernando Maradei

Fernando Maradei

Senior Manager

Fernando has multiple Supply Chain Management project experiences in consulting for Consumer Products, Industrial Products, Life Science, Chemical and Automotive industries. His focus is on Supply Cha... More