The Boao Forum for Asia


The Boao Forum for Asia

Asia's New Future: Towards a Community of Common Destiny

26 - 29 March 2015, Boao, Hainan Province, China

Session Summaries

As Intellectual Supporting Partner of the Boao Forum For Asia Annual Conference 2015, Deloitte China was providing session reports in English for the Boao Forum For Asia website.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) & the New Development Bank

Deloitte Global Chairman Steve Almond was on the panel looking at "Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) & the New Development Bank". The AIIB has a role to play in attracting private sector funding for projects through public-private partnerships (PPPs), Steve told delegates.

The session key points that emerged were:

  • China's role in the formation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) reflected its readiness to play a leadership role in the regional and global economy 
  • There was a need for large-scale capital investments to underpin further economic development but there was a lack of infrastructure financing in Asia.  
  • In designing and structuring the new development banks, including the AIIB and the New Development Bank (NDB), founding members must be forward-looking, innovative and not be constrained by history. 
  • The AIIB was becoming a global institution of stature.

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Private Sector Roundtable

Deloitte China Northern Region Managing Partner Norman Sze moderated the Private Sector Roundtable, in which over 50 entrepreneurs of major Chinese private sector enterprises participated in a lively discussion about the challenges and opportunities faced by private sector companies as China enters the "new normal".

Key points that emerged are:

  • Private entrepreneurs saw increasing potential to participate and generate profits in both domestic and overseas markets as China stepped into the new normal.
  • The revamp of traditional manufacturing, the proliferation of internet technology and the "new Silk Road" policy were regarded by the private sector as the top three opportunities they should capture for their long-term development.
  • While recognizing the improved business environment, private entrepreneurs still looked for a better implementation of policy and a more efficient administration.

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A selection of our research and thought leadership reports aligned with 2015 conference theme

Cross Industry

  • Deloitte Perspective III - Express Industry Breaking Grounds
    Deloitte Perspective has been broadly valued and recognized since it was founded to share Deloitte's business insights. It also won the 2014 SHCPA Outstanding Journals Award. In the year of 2014, positive trend was witnessed in global economic recovery and China’s economic growth tended to be stable whilst the growth was slowing down. Emerging economies, represented by China, have been a major driving force in the development of the global economy. This issue of Deloitte Perspective covers the latest trends and concepts in the sectors of express delivery, agriculture, consumption, education, manufacturing and senior housing.


  • 2014 Automotive industry investment promotion report
    This report, based on information collection and data analysis from various aspects such as macro economy, policy level, industrial dynamics and business operation, covers the trends of China's auto market, predicting industrial movements, analysing what opportunities and challenges enterprises may encounter during industrial development and change from an innovative and forward-looking perspective.

Consumer Business

  • China's express sector development report 2014
    The Development Research Center of the State Post Bureau and Deloitte jointly carried out an extensive and in-depth study on the China express industry.
  • China powers of retailing 2014
    Drawing upon the results from the industry research and survey by CCFA and Deloitte, this report provides an analysis and summary of the macro environment, development of the retail industry and the main business forms and trends in China, drawing from 164 valid corporate samples and 134 typical store samples.
  • Tide of change: A whole-industry-chain approach for modern agriculture
    Driven by sharply increasing demands for food products around the world, China's agriculture has been undergoing transformation that has attracted attention in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) space and capital markets.

Energy & Resources

  • 2014 Emerging issues in China power and delivery sector
    The traditional economic pattern of China Power & Delivery sector has been facing challenges this year including regulation, strategic, financial constraints in different levels, and the sharp rise of the cost combined with the flat power demand. All factors above are leading the industry into a potentially destructive cycle.
  • China Mining tracking & trends 2015
    Due to the global economic slowdown, especially in emerging economies, the global mining industry experienced large-scale restructuring and displayed a significant downward trend. Demands, price and trade of mineral products, mining investment and stock value all showed a decline and contraction to a different extent. This report looks at the outlook for 2015.

Life Sciences and Health Care

  • 2015 Global health care sector outlook: common goals, competing priorities
    Across the globe, governments, health care delivery systems, insurers, and consumers are engaged in a persistent tug-of-war between competing priorities: meeting the increasing demand for health care services and reducing the rising cost of those services.
  • China senior housing — Now and the future 
    As the population of the elderly in China grows at an accelerating rate, senior care is classified by many businesses as a “sunrise industry” and subsequently, senior housing that “houses” the entire industry has become appealing to many investors. Although China’s great potential in senior housing market has attracted investor interest, the entire market is at a preliminary stage facing challenges.


  • Service innovations in China's industrial machinery sector
    The report draws upon the findings from a survey with 198 machinery manufacturers and interviews with a handful of senior executives on their companies' service innovation efforts in order to gain a clear picture on where service innovation stands in most of the manufacturing companies in China.  As the users of industrial machines become more solution-driven, manufacturers can no longer satisfy them with a single product. There is an increasing demand for the solution, which blends in the concepts of "product" and "services" and turns into a total solution addressing the users' needs. The industrial machinery industry in China has a strong momentum to develop new service offerings but everything is still at an early stage of service transformation.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

  • 2014 Deloitte's report on clean energy industry 
    The report examines the current state and progress of China's commitment to developing clean energy and establishing a stable energy supply system, focusing on the key challenges and opportunities encountered in the process of adjusting the energy structure. In connection with the four clean energy sectors of photovoltaic, wind power, waste treatment as well as energy conservation and emission reduction, the report also analyzes the industry conditions, factors favorable for development, issues arising from it and the overall trends.
  • 2014 Global Mobile Consumer survey - China edition - Age of mobility  
    This survey is part of a Deloitte research project conducted across the globe in 2014 covering 19 countries. The China edition of Deloitte's Global Mobile Consumer survey provides insights into how Chinese consumers in different demographics interact with mobile devices.
  • 2014 State of the Media Democracy survey - China edition - New media explosion ignited 
    The first China edition of Deloitte's State of the Media Democracy survey provides insights into how Chinese consumers in different demographics interact with media, including TV, newspaper, social network, gaming, advertising, and digital devices.
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