China's senior housing — Now and the future

Only relatively recently has the isusse of an ageing population emerged. As the population of the elderly in China grows at an accelerating rate, senior care is classified by many businesses as a “sunrise industry” and subsequently, senior housing that “houses” the entire industry has become appealing to many investors.

Although China’s great potential in senior housing market has attracted invester interest, the entire market is at a preliminary stage facing challenges such as insufficient effective demand, a mismatch between supply and demand, unclear micro policies and financing channel restraints. Although the models and development of foreign senior care industry have provided valuable insights, the differences in the level of economic development and in senior care traditions are forcing China to find a model that suits its own specific situation.

We foresee the following trends for China's senior care market:

  • Government policies tend to be clearer and more specific.
  • Home senior care is still the main stream.
  • Efforts will continue to be put into exploration on profit models in the mid to long term.
  • The competition and cooperation among industry participants will be deepened.
  • Foreign senior care institutions will speed up China development.
  • Financing channels are expected to be further broadened.
  • Senior care fund planning helps expedite the development in senior care wealth management. products.
  • Related industries will benefit and be developed in concert.
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