Global perspectives for family businesses

Plans, priorities, and expectations

At present, the proportion of Chinese family businesses in private enterprises has reached 80%. Family businesses need to maintain a balance between their business goals and their family goals, such as maintaining family values and protecting the family wealth. Therefore, the operating philosophy and development strategy of businesses may be different from non-family private businesses. With this report, we'd like to bring you more than just thinking about yourself, but also looking forward to helping more family businesses achieve their business and family goals.

The Report

In January 2018 we launched Global perspectives for private companies, our first global survey of some 1,900 private company leaders to understand the plans, priorities and expectations of their companies. In this report we focus on the 400 or so family businesses that participated in the survey.

Viewpoints / key findings

The main contents of this report as below:

  • Executives in family businesses around the globe share the same optimism as their counterparts in non-family private companies.
  • The operating philosophy and development strategy of family businesses may be different with non-family private businesses. Our study found differences in their perceptions of risk, financing growth and workforce.
  • The difference between family businesses and non-family private businesses we found regarding the workforce is remarkable. Family businesses are proud to say that their workforce is very loyal to the company and the family. This is a huge advantage, although maintaining strong positive attitudes will probably call for more investment in future than ever before.

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