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The continued pace of economic and social development experienced over the past decades throughout China has equally been reflected in the steady growth and development of China’s insurance sector. Domestic insurers have risen to the challenge to develop expertise, product coverage and distribution processes that in many respects represent leading practices from across the globe, and are now increasingly looking for both investment and expansion opportunities across the globe. Although the domestic insurance industry, if measured by standards such as insurance density or insurance penetration rate, would appear under-developed, almost all global commentators would agree that the Chinese insurance has huge growth and expansion potential.

As one of the recognized leaders in providing professional services, Deloitte professionals are working with our insurance clients to develop and implement market leading strategies, technical and business oriented solutions – we provide customized services drawn from our vast array of actuarial, audit, taxation, risk compliance, regulatory and business transformation services. We focus our efforts at helping our clients combine the power of their people, their technology and their processes to lead in their markets. Our clients include the majority of state and privately owned insurance companies and a large number of the foreign banks and insurers operating in the Mainland and Hong Kong/Macau SAR.

Supported by the Deloitte Global FSI network with strong local presence deeply rooted in China, our insurance teams are industry seasoned professionals who bring industry experience and knowledge combined with functional expertise to help address the complexity that today's financial institutions face.

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