Investment management


Investment management


In line with the economic development of the past decades, we have seen both China's private and public sectors accumulate an increasing amount of wealth – to such an extent that research carried out by Deloitte has recently concluded that China has become the second largest wealth management market in Asia Pacific region.


Increasingly, individuals and companies continue to look for opportunities to preserve and create value in managing their wealth for future generations. Across the mainland and Hong Kong/Macau SAR we are seeing the establishment, development and growth in the number and size of private banks, wealth management companies, investment funds and asset management companies – both from a domestic and multi-national perspective. Add to this the continued thrust of foreign direct investment and the development of the private equity and venture capital sector and we see an industry that now faces the combined complexity of rapid domestic growth and global participation and competition.

Deloitte's Investment Management (IM) professionals serve organizations covering all aspects of the investment management sector, whether they are wealth management firms, investment funds, asset management companies, private equity firms or social security funds. Our global investment management group is comprised of more than 4,000 partners, managers and staff, providing a spectrum of assurance and advisory, tax, enterprise risk, regulatory and consulting services to a broad range of investment management companies. Deloitte professionals provide their clients with access to global resources and capabilities combined with our understanding of the local market unique characteristics and needs.

As the industry continues to develop, the Deloitte approach is aimed at delivering innovative solutions that help address the complexity that today's and tomorrow's financial institutions do and will face. 

Featured publications

  • Leadership in times of plenty
    This paper by Casey Quirk outlines five business models – China Champion, Global Leader, Pan-Asia Alternatives Specialist, China Distribution Specialist, Bespoke Virtual PM — that will come to dominate the industry, and the key building blocks for each.
  • The future of risk in Financial Services
    This report urges financial institutions to rethink and transform the way they manage risk to leverage emergent technologies, and increase risk management productivity and effectiveness.
  • Managing conduct risk: Addressing drivers, restoring trust
    This paper identifies the fundamental drivers of misconduct in the financial services industry, with a view of helping firms drive sustainable solutions to improve conduct and restore trust.
  • Creating a business model based on production, integration and investment integration (Chinese version only)
    This report provides an in-depth analysis of the business model of an integrated conglomerate in China and outlines four key strategic themes in establishing such an enterprise group that integrates production operation with financial and investment businesses, in addition to a relevant solution.
  • Listed Chinese asset management companies results analysis 2016
    The study presents an overview of the financial performance of Chinese H-share listed AMCs, based on our analysis of their 2016 annual results. It also discusses several hot industry topics and provides an outlook of the Chinese AMC market for the year ahead.
  • Deleveraging Europe 2016-2017
    The report outlines our expectations on how key markets and specifically loan sale transactions may evolve in the coming year, and shares the views of market players - both buyers and sellers – on where they see the largest opportunities arising.
  • Navigating the year ahead: Financial services regulatory outlook 2017
    This paper sets out the major regulatory themes that the Deloitte Centre for Regulatory Strategy expects to dominate the regulatory agenda for Asia Pacific financial institutions over the coming year.
  • Picture perfect: A blueprint for digital identity
    Lack of a strong, universal digital identity solution limits innovation and delivery of efficient, secure, digital-based Fintech offerings. Financial services institutions should drive the development of such a solution.
  • Over the horizon: Blockchain and the future of financial infrastructure
    When the industry can be fuelled by distributed ledger technology what does the future of financial services infrastructure look like?
  • Wealth management and private banking
    Deloitte and Efma are delighted to present you the results of the second edition of the wealth management and private banking survey. This year, the white paper from Deloitte Luxembourg addresses challenges and opportunities that are specific to today’s wealth management and private banking cross-border activities.
  • Management information on culture
    This paper, launched in partnership between Deloitte’s three regulatory strategy centres, sets out eight principles for collecting meaningful management information on culture that will allow boards and senior management to understand if their “tone from the top” is reflected in a strong and consistent “echo from the bottom”.
  • China listed financial asset management companies: 2015 annual report analysis
    Our analysis of the 2015 annual reports of the Chinese listed financial asset management companies outlines the major challenges facing the asset management industry.
  • Cleared for takeoff: Five megatrends that will change financial services
    This report identifies the clusters of innovation that are affecting business in five areas of the financial services industry: Primary accounts, payments, capital markets, investment management and insurance.
  • Regulatory reform
    This paper, from the Deloitte Asia Pacific Centre for Regulatory Strategy, sets out the key elements of the financial services international reform agenda and the application of these in the Asia Pacific region.