The Deloitte International Wealth Management Centre Ranking 2021

Proving its worth in today’s turbulent world

While the full impact on the international wealth management industry is yet to be felt, wealth managers are preparing for the challenges ahead. In particular, technology-driven interactions between clients and their banks are becoming the 'new normal'. The required digital transformation will be costly, and there will be questions about whether investments in digitalisation, differentiated propositions and partnerships are spent in the right way and lead to an improved top- and bottom line performance.

New models of cooperation with clients and local partners, enhanced product offerings and robust but flexible technological platforms are emerging as business priorities in the competition among global private wealth managers located in wealth management centres.

This fourth edition of our ranking report focuses on four main questions:

  • How has the competitiveness of each wealth management centre changed since 2018?
  • How have the centres performed in terms of volume from international clients?
  • What are the key characteristics of leading international wealth management centres?
  • What are the business priorities of international wealth managers and the business capabilities needed to succeed in the future?

We hope that this report provides you with useful and interesting insights into this industry sector.

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