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The 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report revealed that as future organizations are being formed, corporations are experiencing changes in labor force, work environment, and even the definition of work itself: hierarchical organizational structure undergoing transformation into organizational ecosystem and team network system, career and learning experience being real-time and life-long, new type of cognitive technology revolutionizing talent acquisition approaches, culture-and-loyalty-centred employee experience being extended into post-retirement life, digitalized human capital path becoming increasingly clear, and corporations needing to break traditional leadership boundary and empowering new leaders that grew up in a constantly evolving environment…

Over the past year, Deloitte has repeatedly validated these trends and their possible impact through a large amount of cases and interaction with clients. Based on aforementioned observation, research, and reflection, 6 articles are presented in this issue of HCAS Quarterly:

  • Master Future Employment's Development Direction, from Deloitte US, proposes the "future employment analysis framework", where technology, demographics, and "pulling force" profoundly changed employment characteristics while the revolution of employment and labor force further impacts individuals, corporations, and public policy.
  • A New Future Organizational Management Model – Co-Active+ shares the concept of "Co-Active+", which means to achieve co-active leadership, co-active management, and co-active consulting by activating involved parties and increasing their degree of participation as well as their commitment to conclusion.
  • Discussion on Establishing Corporate Internal Entrepreneurship Mechanism Based on Leading Domestic and Foreign Corporations' Practices summarizes 3 typical models of internal entrepreneurship. By examining common issues and problems, the article concludes that standardized assessment mechanism, internal entrepreneurship management system and incentive plan exit mechanism that matches different stages of the start-up process are crucial to the success of internal entrepreneurships.
  • Develop Human Capital Merger and Integration Strategies to Facilitate Corporations' Outbound Expansion states the appropriate roles of human capital as well as human capital merger and integration strategies before, during, and after a merger and acquisition.
  • New Round of State-Owned Enterprise Reform Framework and Market-Oriented Path illustrates in detail the reform focus and important measures of current state-owned enterprise (SOE) reform regarding property rights, governance, and mechanism, and shares a case study on a large SOE's organizational management.
  • Doctor Compensation: Pay for Value Not Workload – Doctor Incentive Scheme Adopted by U.S. Medical Institutions summarizes research conducted by Deloitte US, shares compensation and incentive plans for medical staff in the U.S., and proposes concepts such as "multi-dimensional performance-based compensation package."


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