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In the past several years, China's domestic pharmaceutical consumption has increased dramatically. Pharmaceutical industry sales revenue has grown an average of 21.4 percent annually.  Driven by strong economic growth, increasing urbanization and the health demands of an aging population, China's pharmaceutical market is projected to become one of the world’s largest. By 2020, China is expected to grow its pharmaceutical market volume to $220 billion USD, becoming the second-largest market after the United States.

Deloitte China Life Sciences practice

As a member of the Deloitte Global Life Sciences Industry network, Deloitte China Life Sciences Industry practice works closely with our global counterparts to provide industry players in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceutical distribution and CRO with full and feasible solutions with new thinking leveraging our global industry's best practices as well as our knowledge and rich experience in the local market.

Featured highlight

  • 2023 Global Life Sciences Outlook
    The report focuses on the seven critical areas the life sciences sector investing for change: evolving portfolios and value creation; research and development; supply chain; pricing and reimbursement; patient centricity; digital transformation; and health equity.
  • 2022 Global Life Sciences Outlook
    The report focuses on the current state of the sector, explores seven trends shaping the industry and prepares stakeholders to take advantage of the many opportunities that a new era of science presents.
  • Challenges and Value Creation in China Life
    The report was authored by Deloitte China LSHC Consulting Team. The report outlines the practical challenges Chinese companies face in medical product licensing deals. Summarizing the key issues transaction parties face in licensing deals, it shares some best practices from strategic, operational, and business levels to build and enhance licensing transaction management capabilities,  along with an execution roadmap for companies to take immediate action.
  • Outlook on biopharma innovation trends in China
    Based on long-term observations of the biopharma industry, from "application and empowerment of innovative technology" and "explorations and breakthroughs in innovative R&D", this report explores biopharma innovation globally and in China, assesses the opportunities and challenges facing China's biopharma industry's innovative development, and analyzes and envisages biopharma innovation trends through the views of thought leaders in the sector.
  • 2021 Global Life Sciences Outlook: Possibility is now reality, sustaining forward momentum
    This report looks at the many ways COVID-19 accelerated change for the life sciences sector, the changes that are likely to stay, and what can be reimagined and made better. Suggestions are also provided to biopharma and medtech companies for consideration in the upcoming year.
  • China's Biotech Parks – Leveraging the ecosystem for success
    This whitepaper presents the current development conditions of Chinese biopharmaceutical industrial parks ("BPIPs"), summarizes common local support policies, and discusses how biopharma enterprises can use industrial parks and related policies to map out entry strategies or re-improve their layouts in China.
  • Safeguarding Biopharma R&D – New heights in China's human genetic resources management
    Optimizing human genetic resources (HGR) governance and adopting a data-driven operating model are critical for pharmaceutical companies in China's changing regulatory environment.
  • Chinese Medical Device Industry: How to thrive in an increasingly competitive market?
    The whitepaper examines how foreign brands can enter the Chinese market by adopting an "In China, For China" strategy amid a changing regulatory environment and increasingly competitive landscape.
  • Biotech-in-a-box™: How to ‘ACE’ geographical expansion in Europe, A three-step game plan for biotech
    Based on Deloitte's experience helping biotech companies navigate geographical expansion, this report defines an ACE framework - three steps to effectively assess market potential, select the most appropriate go-to-market options, and choose the best route to successfully establish presence in Europe.
  • How pharma companies can address the pharmaceutical retail market transformations in China
    In the whitepaper, the Deloitte China Life Sciences & Health Care (LSHC) Team explores how pharmaceutical companies can address the retail market evolution in China by analyzing three structural market changes and four key industry transformations.
  • Six predictions for China's pharma & healthcare sector
    The coronavirus outbreak will likely lead to profound changes to the dynamics of China healthcare industry. These changes could include massive investment in disease prevention infrastructure, the accelerated digital transformation of healthcare delivery models, a re-visiting of pharmaceutical companies pipeline strategies, as well as the adoption of advanced technology healthcare solutions. Deloitte makes six predictions in the report and sets out the implications for industry players.
  • COVID-19: Pharma Industry Survey Results
    With the breakout of COVID-19, Deloitte China Life Sciences & Health Care Industry team initiated a survey to understand the virus impact on China pharmaceutical industry and measure the longer-term impact this could eventually have on their business model and operating processes. We hope this report supports your business decisions during this special period.
  • Winning in the cell and gene therapies market in China
    The reports aims to cover the key factors and trends defining the China cell and gene therapies (CGT) industry. When innovation becomes an ever important winning strategy, the CGT eco-system in China with buoyant investors, companies, and researchers all eager to shape – and eventually benefit from – is already leading in many aspects around the globe. Hope you'll be enjoying to read this thoughtful report.
  • 2020 China Life Sciences and Health Care M&A Trends
    The report based on deal data, delves into uncertainties and challenges in M&A activities, especially M&A trends in subsectors such as drugs, biotech, medical service institutions and medical device manufacturers.
  • 2020 Global Llife Sciences Outlook
    Biopharma and medtech organizations are in the fast lane, headed toward a future driven by evolving, data-driven technologies. As organizations strive to make sense of all the data signals, what metrics really matter in a rapidly changing world? To find the next generation of key performance indicators, there are several questions organizations could be asking: What can be done to reduce complexity in the patient experience? What is the next level of performance, and how to get there in the next year? Is there adequate visibility of products, costs, and operations to help make timely, informed decisions? Is there a need to acquire, build, or partner for additional capabilities? This outlook helps answer these questions and more.
  • Launching innovative biopharma in China
    Deloitte introduces a series of four articles that break down the dynamics of a successful launch.
  • 2019 Global life sciences outlook
    Strategic transformation is at the core of life science companies as they build new business models for the future. To accelerate change, focus will be on developing innovative and relationship-driven partnerships and creating real value for patients.
  • Survey finds biopharma companies lag in digital transformation
    The life sciences industry's commitment to digital transformation is increasing, but few organizations are digitally maturing. This report illustrates how companies can take an enterprisewide approach to digital transformation.
  • 2018 global life sciences outlook
    This report explores the major trends that are expected to impact life sciences companies in 2018 as they aim at improving their ecosystem, and suggests ways to meet the opportunities and challenges.
  • Life sciences and health care predictions 2022
    This report presents an optimistic view of the future, calling businesses to awaken to the possibilities that lie ahead and evaluates evidence in 2017 and provide six new predictions of the life sciences and health care ecosystem might look like in 2022 and the key constraints to overcome.
  • 2017 global life sciences outlook
    Explore our look at the current global issues impacting the global life sciences sector and considerations for stakeholders as they prepare for 2017.
  • Pharmaceutical R&D Trends in China: Opportunity and Influence for Localized Development
    This report delves into the current status as well as future trends of China pharmaceutical R&D industry, and explains the strategic implications for multinational pharmaceutical companies, who should consider more localized R&D approaches to address new opportunities and challenges.
  • 2015 Global life sciences sector outlook
    The report outlines some of the top issues facing the global life sciences sector, provides a snapshot of activity in a number of geographic markets, and suggests considerations for companies as they seek to grow revenue and market share in 2015 and beyond.
  • Healthcare and life sciences predictions 2020
    The report is based on an observation of trends, events and bold steps that, if accelerated over the next five years and beyond, will paint a picture of a very different world.
  • Transforming medical affairs in China
    Rethinking the role and effectiveness of the Medical Affairs function has become an urgent priority for pharmaceutical companies in China. The report presents our perspective on these challenges and how they can be successfully overcome.