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Recent thought leadership

  • Launching innovative biopharma in China
    Deloitte introduces a series of four articles that break down the dynamics of a successful launch.
  • 2019 Global life sciences outlook
    Strategic transformation is at the core of life science companies as they build new business models for the future. To accelerate change, focus will be on developing innovative and relationship-driven partnerships and creating real value for patients.
  • 2019 Global health care outlook
    With financial sustainability, care delivery, patient centricity, digital transformation, and regulatory compliance at the top of the agenda, health care sector leaders need to collaborate with all stakeholders—both within the health care ecosystem and those in converging industries—as they look to shape the future of health care and establish a sustainable smart health community.
  • Survey finds biopharma companies lag in digital transformation
    The life sciences industry's commitment to digital transformation is increasing, but few organizations are digitally maturing. This report illustrates how companies can take an enterprisewide approach to digital transformation.
  • China Medical Cosmetology O2O Market Analysis
    Building upon status quo description, in-depth data analysis, competition pattern and cases study, this report provides a comprehensive analysis on trends, opportunities and challenges of China medical cosmetology O2O industry.
  • Trends in integrated elderly care and medical services in China - exploring "the last mile" of healthy aging
    Building upon status quo description, in-depth data analysis and cases study, this report provides a comprehensive analysis on trends, opportunities and challenges of China elderly care services and healthcare industry.
  • Embrace Healthcare Revolution: Strategically moving from volume to value
    The report analysis the China health strategies and discuss the opportunities and challenges of China Healthcare industry, hoping to help build a long-term joint health ecosystem in China.
  • Analysis of investment and financing strategies for private hospitals
    In order to better understand the financing status and future trend of private hospitals, this report combines sample survey data of 23 private hospitals to analyse the demand gap, challenges and financing purposes of private hospitals, hoping to provide valuable reference for the future financing strategy of private hospitals and improve their whole services capabilities.
  • 2017 China Life Sciences and Healthcare Investment Promotion Report
    Building upon in-depth investigation and suggestions from enterprises, this report provides a comprehensive analysis on opportunities and challenges of China life sciences and healthcare industry.


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