Deloitte Held Chemicals Industry Digital Supply Chain Summit, helping clients seize the opportunity to transform, and gain competitive advantages  

On 20 August 2019, the Deloitte Chemicals Industry Digital Supply Chain Summit was held at Deloitte Greenhouse in Shanghai. Deloitte Consulting partners Andrew Huang and Ming Chen hosted the summit alongside their team.

Global chemicals industry has experienced major challenges to profit growth in recent years. Rapid environmental changes and the maturation of the consumer market have forced chemicals industry players to reshape their businesses to create value. After extensive project experience and observation, Deloitte Consulting believes digital supply chain transformation will redefine business value and profit models for enterprises that face growth bottlenecks.

The summit was held as a LAB seminar at Deloitte Greenhouse Shanghai. In an era of increasingly fierce competition, the guests acknowledged, Deloitte Consulting helps enterprises realize digital supply chain transformation strategies, apply digital tools to explore potential value, seize the opportunity to transform, and leverage digital supply chain management to gain competitive advantages.

Andy Zhou, Leader of Deloitte Consulting SAP services, gave the opening remarks. "Digital has become quite popular in many industries," he said. "This summit will help companies in the chemicals industry understand how to apply digital tools to realize potential value and improve profitability and efficiency."


Andy Zhou, Leader of Deloitte Consulting SAP services, giving the opening remarks (Source: Deloitte)

Joshua Chen, senior manager from Deloitte Consulting Analytics and Information Management (AI&M) services, then shared examples of digital applications in the chemicals industry. He explained how enterprises can transform from traditional to digital business models, further digitize their products, and ultimately achieve ecosystem collaboration to become insight-driven enterprises.

Andrew Huang, Deloitte Consulting partner, then explored supply chain digitalization strategy with a focus on, “Digitalization of the Chemical Industry Supply Chain: From Ideas To Implementation”. He led an in-depth discussions on various aspects of supply chains with business leaders. Andrew suggested many companies focus primarily on strategy and transformation, investing in e-commerce and R&D, but neglect investment in digital supply network (DSN). "Companies should think about how to develop a balanced investment strategy," he commented. Andrew then summarized the issues, solutions, trends and ideas for enterprises' exploration of scalable digital models.


Deloitte Consulting partners and experts share project experience and insights to the participants (Source: Deloitte)

Spare parts have always been an important factor in manufacturing. By sharing his extensive project experience, Gavin Lee, a senior industry expert at Deloitte Consulting, explained how to build a complete spare parts planning system and drive the entire business life cycle. 

Deloitte Consulting partner Ming Chen then shared his project experience of DSN in chemicals industry and its benefits. These projects use SAP solutions as the cornerstone of digital transformations, helping clients eliminate outdated supply chain indicators and achieve key benefits including process automation, management digitalization and decision-making intelligence. With this in mind, Deloitte has developed a rapid deployment of digital supply chain package, including four weeks of assessment and 16 weeks of SAP IBP implementation, to help clients assess their current state of digitalization and tailor supply chain optimization strategies.

This summit has opened up a deep thinking of the digital supply chain of the chemical industry, helped enterprises explore expandable business models, and together explored the trend and insight of future innovation in the chemical industry. Through this collaboration to promote the value of digital supply chain of chemical industry, and create ecological win-win situation!


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