2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report

Completed by nearly 10,000 respondents in 119 countries, Deloitte’s ninth annual Global Human Capital Trends report is the largest longitudinal survey of its kind. In the report, respondents said the role of the social enterprise is more important now than ever and noted a positive link between leading the social enterprise and an organization’s financial performance.

This year, the 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report comes with a bold call to action: Now is not the time to tinker at the edges of your organization—it’s time to reinvent it.

Why reinvent? Last year’s report identified the rise of the social enterprise, with business increasingly expected to play a pivotal, stewardship role in society and communities as well as with workers. This year, intensifying economic, social, and political disruption are forcing organizations to move beyond mission statements and social impact programs to putting humans at the center of their business strategies and learning to lead the social enterprise. To bring meaning back into the workplace and a human identity back to the worker, it’s clear that traditional human capital programs and processes must be fundamentally reinvented.

That is why, this year, we have focused not only on the why and the what, but also the how. Depending on your organization’s readiness and need to change, reinvention can happen in one of three ways:

  • You can refresh: update and improve the way you work now.
  • You can rewire: create new connections that change the way you work.
  • Or you can recode: start over and redesign from scratch.

In each of the chapters, you will find one of these three modes of reinvention noted as a suggested starting point.


Viewpoints / key findings

The future of the workforce

  • The alternative workforce: It's now mainstream.
  • From jobs to superjobs.
  • Leadership for the 21st century: The intersection of the traditional and the new.

The future of the organization

  • From employee experience to human experience: Putting meaning back into work.
  • Organizational performance: It’s a team sport.
  • Rewards: Closing the gap.

The future of HR

  • Accessing talent: It’s more than acquisition.
  • Learning in the flow of life.
  • Talent mobility: Winning the war on the home front.
  • HR cloud: A launch pad, not a destination.

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