Deloitte Consulting and Oracle launch Digital Experience Platform (DEP) collaboration

Published: 26 April 2019

On 18 April, the Oracle Digital Experience Platform (DEP) Executive Summit and Partnership Launch were held in Beijing. Deloitte Consulting's Greater China Oracle Service Line Partner and Greater China TMT Industry Lead, Cheng Zhong, attended the summit. As one of the first batch of core alliance partners, Deloitte Consulting was invited to the joint launch of the Oracle DEP Partnership. Cheng Zhong was also invited to attend the day's executive dialogue, sharing his insights on digital transformation and our best practices in DEP.

The highlights of the forum were: The first-ever, in-depth analysis of Oracle DEP strategy examining how to truly help enterprises achieve their corporate strategy; a gathering of the top consulting firms and data technology companies, who shared their cutting-edge digital transformation experiences; and the launch of the Oracle DEP partnership, which leverages the power of the ecosystem to empower customers and provide them with a full range of digital transformation services encompassing platform + consulting + data.

During the executive dialogue, Cheng Zhong shared his insights on digital transformation. He said, "Digital transformation is not equal to technology transformation. Technology is the basis, but business transformation is the core driver. In this fast changing market, how to find the right market positioning is the key challenge, and solving that challenge will be heavily reliant on digital technology and platforms in this digital era. Oracle DEP can provide such a digital transformation platform."

Cheng Zhong also shared common customer needs during digital transformations:

First, how to live better? Companies across industries hope to continuously increase their income, improve profitability, attract more customers and provide better services.

Second, how to live healthier? Based on digital ways of diagnosing enterprises' digital operation capability, and integrating digital technology to build digital operating platforms that provide customers with better services and solutions.

Third, the deep integration of digital platforms and business remoulds operational systems. "Concise, easy to use and high perception" are now at the core of customers' digital platform needs. Enterprises should focus on business and integrate technology to reshape operational systems in the digital era".

During the best practice sharing session on digital innovation, Cheng Zhong shared how Deloitte has completed many successful digital innovation initiatives to help companies reshape their digital operations, including success stories in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and an approach utilizing Oracle Siebel + Marketing Cloud solutions that provided a digital transformation solution for a call center. In the latter instance, through digital transformation, Deloitte Consulting not only helped the client improve the service quality of its call center, but also turned that service into sales leads, enhancing the call center's value-add.


An Overview of Our Services Leveraging Oracle Products as Technology Enablers

Deloitte Consulting provides clients with complete, end to end solutions spanning digital strategy, future operations advisory to top-level digital transformation design based on the Oracle product suite, digital business model consulting, digital platform planning and implementation, as well as a total solution combining AI, blockchain, cloud computing and big data. Additionally, we have been an Oracle Global Diamond Partner for several consecutive years, joining hands with them to provide total solutions to our clients.

We have extensive consulting experience in various industries including TMT, life sciences, energy, manufacturing, consumer products and real estate.


Deloitte Consulting will continue to collaborate with Oracle, helping more clients transform their businesses on Oracle DEP.

Deloitte Consulting's Greater China Oracle Service Line Partner and Greater China TMT Industry Lead Cheng Zhong at the launch of the Oracle DEP Partnership (Source: Oracle)
Deloitte Consulting's Greater China Oracle Service Line Partner and Greater China TMT Industry Lead Cheng Zhong shares his insights on digital transformation at the executive dialogue (Source: Oracle)
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