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The legal requirement for entities with 50+ employees

The House of Representatives of Cyprus passed legislation requiring companies with 50 employees or more to establish whistle-blowing channels for disclosures relating to unlawful acts or omissions.

The aim of the law was to transpose into national law the European Directive of 2019 on Whistleblowing and to provide special legal protection against retaliation for whistle-blowers making a disclosure based on reasonable grounds.

A whistle-blower can be a current or former employee, a contractor or a vendor, a volunteer or even a job applicant who has information relating to misconduct occurring at a private or public sector organisation.


For entities employing between 50 to 249 individuals, the deadline to implement appropriate whistle-blowing channels and procedures is the 17th of December 2023.

For entities employing 250 individuals or more, the law has immediate effect and entities are required to comply immediately.

Our solution

Deloitte is a recognised global provider of independent whistleblowing solutions to corporate and public sector entities across the globe. Our goal is to help organisations minimise workplace misconduct and strengthen governance effectively. Issues such as fraud, bribery and corruption, misconduct, harassment, bullying, and unethical behaviour, are all risks that have the potential to cause financial and reputational damage to organisations when left undetected.

Deloitte ConductWatch, our digital whistle-blowing solution, equips organisations with secure and confidential reporting channels layered with advanced security features. Our team offers the Deloitte ConductWatch service globally, both online and as a call centre service, with various language capabilities. Whistle-blowers can log a disclosure 24/7, confidentially, from anywhere around the world. Deloitte ConductWatch can be configured as either a Deloitte service or as the organisation’s own service, customised to its own circumstances and requirements.

Whistle-blower reports are organised in a structured case management tool within ConductWatch that helps authorised users to review and manage all disclosures. Deloitte ConductWatch can also act as a communication channel between the organisation and the whistle-blower, while maintaining and protecting whistle-blower anonymity.

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