Performance issue 17 - May 2015


Performance Magazine - Issue 17

Investment Management - May 2015

Investment management and its related markets are being disrupted at an alarming rate. Digital technology and innovation are creating significant opportunities for the industry. The traditional distribution markets are being challenged, and we need to keep abreast of the changes.

Emerging markets - and the pros and cons of these - are also high up on the agenda of most investment managers in pursuit of growth and higher returns. The current low oil prices and the related impact on economic factors are affecting the institutional and retail markets in a variety of ways.

This edition of Performance magazine with its focus on Africa will be an interesting read. It highlights some of the opportunities this market offers, and attempts to provide a high-level insight into some of the current challenges.

Africa is a vast continent and will offer myriad opportunities as markets are opened up, regulations become more rigorous and growth rates outstrip those of more established markets. New entrants into this market will have to be vigilant as they seek to secure their share going forward.

We will see disruption, innovation and all the related changes, and it is important for us to assist our clients with a guiding hand through this process.

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