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Digital HR

Customised e-signing and e-document delivery 

The need for digital transformation of HR processes is increasing with the growing demands for efficiency and speed. However, selecting and implementing appropriate solutions may not be an easy task for companies, given the technological and regulatory requirements. That is why we offer our clients a comprehensive set of services that enable them to keep up with current trends in human capital and fundamentally modernise their HR departments and processes.

Electronic signing, delivery, and individual work with documents are some of the most common activities of any human resources department. At the same time, if not properly digitised and automated, these activities can significantly disrupt the smooth functioning of a company. If neglected, it can lead to, for example, employee outflux or compliance problems.

Such a situation can be avoided with the help of the aforementioned digitalisation, which makes corporate HR processes faster, more accurate, more user-friendly, and, at the same time, less time-consuming and costly. Our HR digitalisation services are completely tailored to your company's needs and are designed to guide you through the entire transformation process from beginning to end.

Digital HR

How can we help you?

  • We conduct a detailed analysis of the legal and technological possibilities of e-signature and e-delivery of personal and tax-legal documents
  • We consider the specific risks associated with using different levels of e-signatures for specific HR documents existing in your company
  • We analyse HR processes and determine which are best suited for digitisation, automation, or other forms of modernisation
  • We design and, if necessary, deliver appropriate technology solutions for your company
  • We take into account the requirements of your employees and their experience with HR processes

Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience not only in the Czech environment but also within the EU and the Southeast Europe region. We can therefore prepare solutions for e-signatures and other interactions with documents for multiple countries, fully compliant with foreign regulations and requirements.

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Jan Procházka

Jan Procházka

Partner | Attorney at Law

Jan Procházka is a Partner and head of the Banking & Finance department and Employment department at Deloitte Legal. In Banking & Finance he focuses on providing legal advice to banks, insurance compa... More

Andrea Černá

Andrea Černá


Andrea has experience with large global and local HR projects. In her practice, she specializes in change management and communication, as well as optimizing HR processes. She also has experience with... More