Labour Law

Our services predominantly include legal reviews, assistance in employee recruitment or secondments, preparation and review of all types of employment contracts and a company’s internal regulations, advisory in employee remuneration and the provision of benefits. In addition, the services also involve assistance in restructuring and organisational changes, and dealing with the related impacts on its employees, advisory in transfers of employees to another employer and the discontinuation of employment (including mass dismissals), dealing with trade unions (including collective negotiation) and representation in legal disputes.

How we can help you:

By drafting employment and manager’s contracts for new employees or reviewing existing employment or manager’s contracts.

  • Review and proper set up of contractual relationships with freelancers (“SVARCSYSTEM”).
  • Review and proper set up of contractual relationships with management employees (“CONCURRENCE OF FUNCTIONS”).
  • Secondment of employees to other EU member states and other countries, including the analysis of other related matters and impacts on your company.
  • Drafting or reviewing your company’s internal regulations, remuneration schemes, organisational regulations and working rules.
  • Termination of employment relationships and managerial positions.
  • Conclusion of collective bargaining agreements and negotiations with trade unions.
  • Representing your company in labour-law disputes with your employees.


Jan Procházka

Jan Procházka

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Jan Procházka is a Partner and head of the Banking & Finance department and Employment department at Deloitte Legal. In Banking & Finance he focuses on providing legal advice to banks, insurance compa... More