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How about the working environment of the future?

The process of creating new workspaces is a challenging strategic action that is planned a long time in advance. It is necessary to grasp it from the point of view of operation, taxes, finance, law, developer, architect, designer and, of course, especially those who will use the premises in fact, i.e. from the point of view of employees.

The right working environment must be functional, varied, flexible and inspiring. It should provide sufficient places for random and planned meetings, as well as spaces for work and rest. However, few companies have all the experts as part of internal sources who would help it with the whole process from A to Z.

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What are the effects of the current crisis on the real estate market? What can the working environment not do without? Do companies need large office space? What happens to co-work? And how was the interior of the Deloitte Churchill building realised by architect Michal Kunc together with Kunc Architects Studio, created? You can find the answers in our stream.

Deloitte WorkPlace Advisory. How to create a timeless work environment and optimise offices functionally and cost-effectively?

Demands for flexibility and efficiency of the working environment have been increasing over the long term and are the main trend in the office space market. But how to respond to new labour market challenges? How to optimise offices functionally and cost-effectively? And how do you make all this a strategic opportunity and a competitive advantage? Our service Deloitte WorkPlace Advisory includes all stages of successful relocation. From initial strategy creation, taking into account all legal and tax requirements and risks, choosing new premises to successful relocation. The bottom line is that we will help you prepare your business assignment, select new office space, communicate with developers, architects, designers and your own employees. And in the end we will move you.

Deloitte in Churchill: Come for an inspection. Look at the working environment of the future

An interior that feels like you are at home, but gives you plenty of room for work, relax and random and planned meetings with colleagues. These were our main goals, which we put into practice. Did we make it? We collect one prize after another! Our intention was awarded as part of the competition Office of the Year 2019 in the category of Consulting Offices, which we won. The Churchill Building also boasts the award Best Office Development Winner as part of CIJ Awards Czech Republic 19.

Last but not least, Deloitte's premises also succeeded in the Art of Space Award when they won the category Workspace Design – Offices. The jury was headed by world-famous architect Eva Jiřičná.

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But one solution is not suitable for everyone, so we are creating a comprehensive view of the organisation at all levels within the WorkPlace Advisory to create a suitable and reliable tailored strategy for the business environment of the future.

Barbora Maštalířová, Deloitte Real Estate Advisory

Modern office space should reflect the company's vision and strategy and the needs of employees and clients. The aim is also to strike a balance between the needs of the company and financial efficiency.

– Ondřej Zabloudil, Deloitte Real Estate Advisory


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